Welcome to our column “Influencer Spotlight” — where we highlight our favorite content creators. Enjoy!

Camilla is one of our favorite Lifestyle and Fashion influencers. She answered our questions about: her biggest accomplishments to date, what she’s looking forward to for this year’s holiday season, and much more!

How did you get started creating content?

I started created content while I was working as a personal trainer, and in the beginning it was first and foremost something I did to increase my customer base. Eventually I figured out that I found more joy in creating content than I found in working as a personal trainer, and I told all my customers that they had to find a new PT within the next 14 days and jumped with both feet into the influencer lifestyle.

What is the biggest highlight of your influencer career so far? 

 I’m not great at appreciating reaching new milestones. Yes, it’s fun to have reached 100k followers, yes, I loved landing the Zalando deal, yes, starting a new podcast is gonna be great – but the biggest highlight with everything is that I love my life and I love that I have the opportunity to create the everyday I want. I’m not a person who chases massive goals or always wants to find a new high, on the contrary I’m a person who wants to live each day to the fullest. 

Define your style in 3 words?

 Whatever Julie approves HAHA!

If you could share one tip for someone building their Instagram channel, what would it be?

Know your weakness. Building up a career as an influencer is so much more than posting a picture. It’s about sharing stories, it’s about marketing, it’s about knowing what content your audience wants and about creating engagement. I wouldn’t be able to do everything I do if I hadn’t had a team member, Julie (@julieevisnes), who has studied marketing and is a great photographer. Together we create engaging content that’s shareable and creates a certain feeling in my audience, which is important. 

What is a brand you think is doing things right on social?And why?

I like brands who dare to go their own way, and where there is obvious that they have someone who knows social media marketing. Way too many people think that social media is a “hype” and forget the importance of having employees who have a passion for social media. I love Oatly and I think they do a magnificent job, I’m also a big fan of  Zalando and Happn.

What’s something new you started doing during quarantine?

That it’s up to me if I want to see something as a challenge or a possibility, and that I was in love with my best friend, who is now my girlfriend. 

What are you looking forward to for this year’s holiday season?

I’m excited to spend a lot of time with my girlfriend, to get to know our new puppy Jimmi and to be with my family. And of course to drink “Christmas soda” – an old, Norwegian tradition. 

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