BDB stands in solidarity with our Asian employees, friends, family, and community. We are better, stronger, kinder, and wiser with voices and experiences from all backgrounds, and we cannot and will not be silent in the face of bigotry, hatred, or violence.

Below, we’ve assembled ways to donate money and time, educate ourselves and others, learn the right way to speak up, and intervene in a hateful situation. We’ve also included some recent reads from Asian authors to center their experiences and uplift their voices in our media and our community.

Education, Intervention, and Reporting.

Educate yourself on safety tips from Stop AAPI Hate

Stop AAPI Hate has put together concise step-by-step guides to handling hateful situations. Visit the link and educate yourself on how to help those facing immediate hate—or how to handle hate when it’s directed at you.

Practice speaking out and speaking up to hate with Learning For Justice

Follow along as Teaching Tolerance and Learning for Justice walk through how to break down hateful, racist speech—whether casual “jokes” or intent hate speech. Learn how to interrupt, question, educate and echo to speak up and speak out against hate.

Report hate crimes when they happen

Hate crimes are underreported; for as many as we see in the news, many more are ignored, shaken off, or not brought to law enforcement’s attention. If you find yourself witnessing or subject to a hate crime and can safely report, here’s where to start.

Take free bystander intervention training from Hollaback! and Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Speaking up in an intense situation can feel impossible—but it’s not. It’s both possible and necessary. Asian Americans Advancing Justice and Hollaback! partnered up to create a free bystander intervention training. Learn about the “spectrum of disrespect,” strategies for intervention, and keeping yourself and others safe.

Petition and donation opportunities.

Sign the National Asian Pacific American Women’s petition

The National Asian Pacific American Women’s organization put together a petition to draw legislative attention to the intersection of racism, misogyny, and sexual violence that has made Asian women particular targets of hate crimes. Sign your name and join the call on elected officials to take action and center the needs of the community.

Support Georgia’s affected Asian-American community directly

Asian Americans Advancing Justice’s Atlanta chapter is open to direct donations in any amount, one-time or recurring, with all donations going directly to support the victims of the Atlanta attack and their families.

Share non-financial resource donations with affected Atlanta communities

If you or someone you know is in Atlanta and wants to help, Advancing Justice’s Atlanta team has created a Google Form where you can offer up some much-needed community services, from mental health and legal help to childcare, food assistance and victim advocacy work.

Reads from Asian voices.

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