The Influencer Marketing Show Global returned once again for 2021 with a three-day digital conference, showcasing insights and innovation from industry experts from across the globe. BDB’s co-founder and chief strategy officer, Thomas Walters, featured on day one alongside Danielle Mendham, senior brand manager at Quaker Oats, PepsiCo, with a reactivity and relevancy fireside chat.

Successful reactive marketing can deliver an enormous number of eyeballs, brand love and talkability. But for every successful viral ad, there’s reactive content that can tread on the wrong toes. Influencer marketing is a perfect route to tap into these reactive conversations but how can you time this activity wisely?

Watch the fireside chat below to explore how, in the fast-paced social media world where content can be cancelled or go viral within a matter of hours, how brands can get it right.

Watch the reactivity and relevancy fireside chat to learn: 

  • How brands, agencies and influencers can react efficiently and accommodate seamless sign-off
  • The benefits of reactivity while avoiding the risks
  • What does best practice reactive marketing look like?

Need help with a reactive influencer marketing campaign? Get in touch with the BDB team to find out how we can help. 

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