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Our proprietary technology parter makes our agency better, faster and more nimble.



Our end-to-end influencer sourcing, campaign management, and reporting tool.

Campaign Management

Create your influencer longlists, review your content before publishing and find the best influencer market rates. Create a workflow to manage your campaign.

Influencer Database

Access a private and customized database featuring all the influencers you have used for your campaigns. Keep track of the creators you’ve worked with, including their platform data and payments.


Customize dashboards to report on all the KPIs you care about. Standardise your metrics and assess all campaigns across all territories in a consistent way.

Content Library

Track your campaigns by automatically capturing all produced content. Effortlessly search and access all content relevant to your campaign.

From influencer discovery to grounded data points, Companion gives you comprehensive access for all your influencer marketing needs. And we’re just getting started. With every campaign, we’re optimizing the platform’s capacities and reach to bring you best-in-class access and execution.

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