We Built Our Own Tech to Deliver Campaign Success

At BDB, we developed Companion – our own proprietary technology platform for campaign management and content tracking.

Our team of in-house developers and analysts are available to help track, support and optimise your campaigns. We can do anything from integrating your marketing stack within our own dashboards through APIs to building custom sign-up pages.

You will have access to Companion to be able to check the campaign performance in Live Dashboards, see all pieces of content with your brand mentions and get instant reports.


Efficient Buying

Track multiple data points on all our influencers in Companion, including the 10,000s of deals we’ve made in the past. This allows you to buy integrations at the best rates possible.

Effortless Approvals

Streamline communication, feedback and approvals for all influencers and content between agency and client.

ROI Measurement Dashboards

Data points are immediately displayed on bespoke dashboards, providing in-depth ROI-driven analysis in real-time. First-party data is automatically tracked with opt-in authorisation.

Content Libraries

AI-enabled tracking locates and tracks all content from influencers, pulling it into one feed, including Instagram Stories, with usage rights and post analytics.