We Use Our Own Technology To Manage Your Campaigns

Companion is our proprietary influencer marketing platform for campaign management and content tracking, simplifying things for our clients and improving performance.

  • Companion, our influencer marketing platform, is integrated with all the major social media platforms’ APIs including TikTok Creator Marketplace and Instagram allowing us to access crucial data directly from the platforms.

    Companion allows us to execute influencer marketing campaigns at a lower cost. As a client, you will also have access to Companion to be able to approve Influencers and content, check campaign performance in our live dashboards, and download instant campaign reports.

    Our team of developers and analysts are available to help track, support and optimise your campaigns. We can do anything from integrating your marketing stack within our own dashboards through APIs to building custom sign-up pages.

    Companion is great, but don’t just take our word for it, it’s used by many other brands and agencies to manage their own campaigns too!

What Companion means for our influencer marketing clients

Negotiate better (and fair) deals at scale

  • Efficient Buying: We track every deal we’ve made in the past, allowing us to accurately determine how much influencers should be paid. This feeds into our negotiation tools which allows us to buy integrations at the best rates possible.
  • Agency efficiencies: Companion streamlines a lot of our internal processes meaning we spend less time on many tasks.
  • Improved performance: We collect many data points on all of our influencers allowing us to optimise performance resulting in lower CPMs and CPEs for your campaigns.
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Streamline influencer and content approvals

  • Influencer Approvals: Effortlessly review Influencer suggestion lists, approve or decline influencers for your campaign in a single click.
  • Content Approvals: Easily review ideas and content within the platform with the ability to leave feedback and comments for our teams to action.
  • Check statuses: See where we are in the campaign cycle with each influencer and scheduled dates for posts.
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Review accurate data instantly via APIs:

  • Content Libraries: AI-enabled tracking locates and tracks all content from influencers, pulling it into one feed, including Instagram Stories, with post performance analytics.
  • Dashboards: Data points are displayed on bespoke dashboards, providing in-depth ROI-driven analysis in real-time. First-party data is automatically tracked with opt-in authorisation.
  • Usage Rights: Track the rights you have to each piece of content, with the ability to download available content for use in your paid and organic channels.
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Run top-class campaigns with limited resources

  • Workload Optimisation: Companion automates the majority of operational tasks, so you can save up to 95% of your team’s working hours and dedicate them to more significant strategic or creative work. 
  • Cost Efficiency: You can run influencer marketing campaigns and scale them without expanding stuff or spending a pile of money on freelancers. Our BMV metric helps you save on influencer fees, as well.
  • Award-Winning Agency Expertise: We developed Companion based on everything we know about influencer marketing (and we know a lot!). Just take our expertise and use it to avoid spending time and money on making common mistakes.
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