Reports and Whitepapers

TikTok and Billion Dollar Boy Present: “Finding Success with TikTok Trends“

In recent years, community-led trends like ‘My Roman Empire’ and ‘Girl Math’ have dominated social feeds and video platforms, rapidly gaining traction and provoking cultural conversations. Trend-centric marketing is reshaping brand engagement, offering a pathway to connect with audiences and influence consumer outcomes.

Billion Dollar Boy has partnered with TikTok to bring you a comprehensive guide on trend-centric marketing with strategic guidance and practical frameworks for embedding your brand into the community fabric.

Intelligence Report: How Generative AI is Influencing the Creator Economy

Generative AI is transforming the creator economy, supercharging creativity and driving exceptional ROI.

To investigate how generative AI is influencing the creator economy, Billion Dollar Boy’s intelligence report is powered by practical insights from real-world generative AI creator campaigns, expert industry analysis, and independent research of 6,000 consumers, creators and marketers.

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Whitepaper: Creator Marketing in the Metaverse Era

The metaverse is set to transform the way we connect, create, and build community, generating infinite creative opportunities and huge potential for brands. With this new wave of digital disruption comes unfamiliar territory for the majority of brands, creators, agencies, and platforms.

So, how will the metaverse impact the marketing industry? What must we do to prepare for the future? BDB’s whitepaper, Creator Marketing in the Metaverse Era, offers unprecedented insights into the metaverse and the potential opportunities it offers, with a core focus on the role of creators.

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