Intelligence Report: How Generative AI is Influencing the Creator Economy

Generative AI is transforming the creator economy, supercharging creativity and driving exceptional ROI.

To investigate how generative AI is influencing the creator economy, Billion Dollar Boy’s intelligence report is powered by practical insights from real-world generative AI creator campaigns, expert industry analysis, and independent research of 6,000 consumers, creators and marketers.

Key Topics

  • How generative AI is positively disrupting the creator economy
  • Brand opportunities and proven strategies for integrating generative AI into creator marketing
  • Consumer, marketer and creator perceptions and adoption
  • The potential challenges to responsible AI implementation

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Key Findings


Of marketers plan to increase spend on generative AI creator content over the next 12 months


Of creators report better engagement on their generative AI content than their traditional creator content


Of creators believe generative AI will improve the quality and diversity of creative assets they can produce