TikTok and Billion Dollar Boy Present: “Finding Success with TikTok Trends“

In recent years, community-led trends like ‘My Roman Empire’ and ‘Girl Math’ have dominated social feeds and video platforms, rapidly gaining traction and provoking cultural conversations. Trend-centric marketing is reshaping brand engagement, offering a pathway to connect with audiences and influence consumer outcomes.

The benefits are numerous, but how do you successfully integrate trends into your creator partnerships and social content?

Billion Dollar Boy has partnered with TikTok to bring you a comprehensive guide on trend-centric marketing with strategic guidance and practical frameworks for embedding your brand into the community fabric.

Key Topics:

  • Understanding trend-centric marketing and trend lifecycles
  • Ideal brand response and agility considerations
  • Frameworks for successful and systemic trend activation
  • Agency and creator collaboration best practices 
  • Case studies and perspectives from brands, industry experts and creators

Download the guide and start finding success with TikTok trends.


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Key Findings


Agree the biggest trends start on TikTok


Have a more positive view of brands that participate in trends on TikTok


Have bought something because it was trending