Whitepaper: Creator Marketing in the Metaverse Era

The metaverse is set to transform the way we connect, create, and build community, generating infinite creative opportunities and huge potential for brands. With this new wave of digital disruption comes unfamiliar territory for the majority of brands, creators, agencies, and platforms. 

So, how will the metaverse impact the marketing industry? What must we do to prepare for the future? BDB’s whitepaper, Creator Marketing in the Metaverse Era, offers unprecedented insights into the metaverse and the potential opportunities it offers, with a core focus on the role of creators. 

Key Takeaways:

  • UK and US consumer, brand marketer and creator attitudes towards the metaverse 
  • How brands and creators can future-proof their presence within the metaverse
  • The potential opportunities offered by creator marketing in the metaverse era
  • How marketers can adapt their marketing strategies to create value in a virtual world 

We commissioned Censuswide to survey over 4,500 US and UK consumers, brand marketers and creators to find out their expectations of the new iteration of the internet. It includes exclusive perspectives from industry contributors including Heineken, Meta, The Sandbox, and DXSH.



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