TikTok campaigns are largely performative: challenges, lip-sync duets, makeup tutorials, choreographed dances and comedy skits, yet there is always an element of the everyday. 

The most successful posts celebrate authenticity over perfection, personality over aesthetic, a witty twist over a strong visual. Content is raw and always shot on mobile. Effects and filters offer tools for reinterpreting viral trends, resulting in output that feels confessional, uplifting and communal all at once. 

For all the variety in output, the most successful content shares the same ethos. It is relatable, reactive and accessible opening the door to endless offshoots and interpretations. 

We share our three favourite TikTok campaigns of 2020.

1. Giorgio Armani – Armani Exchange 2020


Celebrate the holidays with @armaniexchange ! #AXchange #ad

♬ original sound – Jordan Fisher

BDB  developed a custom strategy for Armani to launch, harness, and excel on TikTok; helping to access new audiences and participate in fast-evolving digital culture. We ran a seasonal content creation activation that aligned with other Armani Exchange programs. Where street-chic meets dance music, vibrant looks were brought to life through upbeat videos with evocative music and urban culture. All content was captured through the lens of AX’s young, aspirational, and fashion-forward spirit.

To launch the channel we created a back-to-college themed Hashtag Challenge—prepping users with fashionable wardrobe choices and advice before fall class and fall fashions begin.

In addition, the Armani Exchange feed was continuously populated with both original content and UGC from followers, fans and advocates. 

Activating across three touchpoints through the year, influencers created custom content, driving brand awareness; launching Armani’s TikTok feed and connecting the chic street-style of Armani Exchange to dynamic pop-culture of TikTok.

2. Kevyn Aucoin – Holiday 2020


Use #kaleidochrome & #FindTheLight sound to win $346 worth of 💄! Rules in @kevynaucoin bio #sweepstakes #ad #fyp #challenge

♬ Find The Light – Kevyn Aucoin

Inspired by the Eye, Lips, Face Challenge, BDB brought ‘approachable artistry’ to this TikTok campaign. To launch Kevyn Aucoin’s channel, we created a Hashtag Challenge  to celebrate moments of uplifting and unapologetic self-expression. 

By empowering beauty and makeup creators to share their work using our fun and addictive  Challenge formats, beauty and makeup lovers participated— exploring, expressing, and experimenting; creating fun moments of magic—and showcased the power of Kaleidochrome Holiday Collection to transform skin and looks.

We partnered with seven diverse, on-brand mid-tier beauty influencers and makeup artists to create one TikTok video interpretation of one of the three Hashtag Challenge concepts. Influencers with bigger followings drove both cultural cache and reach—increasing participation. What’s more, we created an exciting track to empower our influencers and establish the tone and sensibility of the Challenge.

3. BUXOM – 90s Nudes Full Force Plumping Lipstick


Ready for a GNO wearing @buxomcosmetics 90s Nudes Full Force Plumping Lipstick in Dream Boat and Heart Throb #BUXOMpartner #BUXOMBabe #GoFullForce AD

♬ original sound – Gabrielle Alexis

BDB partnered with five bold and expressive beauty, makeup, and lifestyle Instagram and TikTok influencers—who love 90s fashion—to promote the BUXOM ‘90s Nudes Full Force Plumping Lipstick Collection.

The influencers positioned the ‘90s Nudes Full Force Plumping collection as a full coverage, satin lipstick that evokes ‘90s nostalgia and fills for visibly plumper, ultra-lush lips—all day long.

To extend the campaign onto TikTok, influencers channelled their inner-90s style icon and TikTok transitions to show how Buxom’s Full Force Plumping Lipstick helps them transform into true 1990s babes.

In colorful, attention-grabbing videos, influencers used Full Force product names—Angel, Popstar etc. as inspiration while also choosing the perfect 90s song to embody the decade and inspire everyone to become a BUXOM babe.

What were your favourite TikTok campaigns of 2020? 

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