Welcome back to BDB LookUp, our series which dives into the most-asked questions on hot topics within the marketing industry. This time, we’re talking creativity.

Associate creatives Emily Andras and Daze Lizardo, who are based in our New York and New Orleans offices, run us through what it takes to be creative and how brands and creators can maximise their creative output. 

Key takeaways include: 

  • Creativity comes as second nature to most of us – you just need to find the right way of expressing it. And, good creative thinking can often start as something much smaller.
  • Creators can unlock their creative potential by leaning into their niche – take, for example, trainspotter Francis Bourgeois’ meteoric rise. 
  • Brands should trust creative partners when jumping on reactive trends.
  • Factoring in reactive time is key to facilitating creative thinking and creativity.

BDB’s creative team across Europe and the US have worked on campaigns for the likes of Candy Crush in collab with @jaythewrapspecialist, Sainsburys in collab with @benpechey, Desperados in collab with @the_bakeking, and Heineken Silver in collab with @bashtheentertainer.

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