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Eric is one of our favorite lifestyle and family influencers. He answered our questions about: his biggest accomplishments to date, his concerns as a parent with a child going back to school, what he’s looking forward to for this year’s holiday season, and much more!

How did you get started creating content?

I got started back in 2014. My wife, who at the time, was working for a tween brand, and she was working with mommy bloggers all the time, so she suggested I try it because I’ve always had such a passion for fashion.  It began as a hobby, and my wife who has a creative eye, became my photographer, and one thing led to another!

What is the biggest highlight of your influencer career so far? 

It has to be anytime we get to go away and travel for work together as a family. We’ve taken a few sponsored trips so far in helping to create content and to help promote the resorts and it’s always the best time because I just love being able to create content at such beautiful locations, while making the family memories. We love the Caribbean and have been there quite a few times! We actually had our dream trip offered to us back in March, but unfortunately it got cancelled because of COVID. I am hoping we get to work with the resort again because it was an absolute dream ski trip that I’ve dreamt about. Hope we can get it back on the agenda in the future!

Define your style in 3 words.

Versatile, Edgy, Eclectic.

What is a brand you think is doing things right on social?And why?

A single specific brand doesn’t really stand out in my mind but I love when brands feature everyday people and their customers in their pieces or using their products. I’ve seen some brands use their customer’s photos on their website’s product pages helping to showcase the product and I always think that’s a pretty unique thing to see rather than just using the professional model shots. It’s weird, sometimes you work with a brand creating all this content for them and they absolutely love it and then they don’t even share it with their audience. It’s so weird to me! Because from the looks of it on their account they just like to stick with the professional model shots – I think the more ways you can integrate your audience and customers into your marketing the better! Also, I like when brands aren’t scared to speak up on social issues. I get it if a brand doesn’t want to get too political, but when it’s a topic that’s clearly affecting us as a society regarding equality they need to acknowledge the issue at hand, and not just stay quiet and neutral.

Though coronavirus case numbers continue to rise in many areas, schools are reopening for the fallsemester across the United States. If you could share a tip with working parents during the pandemic, whatwould it be?

Always have at least some family time every day before bed! Our son just started remote learning this week and I honestly think he’s going to do just fine with it. He loves being on the computer and is pretty technical for his age so we’re not too concerned with this new learning environment for him. It’s definitely important to find family time at least once a night – even if it’s only for 15 minutes. With such busy schedules all around now that school is back in session, we really have to try hard to make it a point to set time aside to either play a game, go for a bike-ride, or just run around and be silly together. Like I said, even if it’s only 15 minutes, I always feel better about being a dad if I know I had some fun and laughs with my boy. Even though I’m so busy with work, house stuff, working out, you need to find time to fit it in!

What adaptive behaviour did you find helpful as a parent?

Since Nate is doing remote learning this year, we set up a space for him at home with a desk, his computer, and a fun blue sky backdrop for all his zoom time. We also still went out and bought him some school supplies, even though he didn’t need much, just to get him excited for the new school year and to reinforce how to keep his desk organized. Before he started we also tried to reinforce how important it is to remain respectful of the teacher at all times. Even though he’s home and may feel more comfortable, his behavior still must remain as if he’s in the actual classroom. Luckily, even though Nate can be super silly at home, he’s always been such a great student and we’ve been told that by every teach he’s had so far, so we’re so proud of how he behaves during school hours.

What are your concerns as a parent with a child going back to school?

Honestly we were more concerned with all students being able to keep their masks on the entire day. We’ve seen Nate wear it consistently without complaining, so we were pretty confident he would’ve been able to. Also, since my older mother-in-law lives with us, and my wife works from home, we opted for him to participate in the remote learning. Although, his school changed last minute to all remote, but should be transitioning to hybrid in the next month or so. I’m honestly happy we are lucky to be able to keep him home since my wife is home. We just feel more relaxed knowing he won’t be exposed to possible infections at school.

If you could share one tip for someone building their Instagram channel, what would it be?

Quality & consistency! Partner up with someone whose in the same field or another creative individual that can help you produce the content you need. I’m lucky in that my wife and I are a great team. She’s my photographer, editor, and the other half of my brand and it’s just become a part of our lifestyle as a family so it never feels like work. But for sure quality photos, know what works with your audience and just keep at it!

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