King Candy Crush Saga

Inspiration & Challenge

King partnered with BDB to drive conversation of Candy Crush Saga to engage the next generation of players. We needed to grow the game’s potential audience and new TikTok channel by naturally and authentically integrating Candy Crush Saga into subcultures relevant to Gen Z and Millennial. We identified authentic fans to drive ambassadorial, long-term partnerships for the brand and partnered with social influencers to build buzz with an always-on ‘test and learn’ approach.

Execution & Creativity

BDB knows that it takes creativity to cut through effectively. We needed a game-changing creative POV to reach the next generation of Candy gamers and get people talking. That’s why for our strategic always-on ‘test and learn’ activation we assembled a team of outside-the-box hero and micro Candy Creators who brought the wonderful world of Candy Crush Saga to life, showing their audience how they Crush It IRL, taking it from “a game that lives inside your phone” to “a piece of pop culture that lives everywhere.”

In order to constantly be a part of Gen Z conversation and change perception, we spotted an opportunity to show up in a new place – with the launch of Candy Crush Saga’s own TikTok channel – with new content shared amongst a new audience, regularly, and in fun and creative ways.


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As a result of this campaign, Candy Crush Saga is implementing an always-on strategy next year, expanding and testing in new markets. We are continuing to identify genuine brand fans to further spread the ‘Candy Crush Everywhere Effect’.