Heineken Virtual Silver

Inspiration & Challenge

Gen Y and Z consumers were turning away from Heineken’s beer due to a bitter taste profile. New product Heineken Silver has a fresher taste, and they wanted to position it as THE beer for real social moments. BDB worked with multiple Heineken brand teams at both local and global levels, as well as a cross-agency team. 

Execution & Creativity

We worked with influencers across 11 markets to generate content that could be utilised alongside brand content in the paid media campaign in addition to functioning within an organic influencer marketing campaign. This content utilised irony and humour to differentiate Silver from traditional beer campaigns.

To prove the virtual world isn’t always better than reality, Heineken created the world’s first metaverse brewery for Heineken Silver. Real influencers were invited to taste the beer virtually in Decentraland, poking fun at all the brands jumping into the metaverse with products best enjoyed in the real world. A month later Heineken Silver beer could finally be tasted at in real life pop-up bar parties in 30+ markets (inspired by our virtual world), where attendees were also treated to a full-on metaverse experience.


+8.6 pts
Ad recall
Cannes Lions
Pieces of Content
Positive Sentiment


11 including Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, UK, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary (EMEA)


It was the most successful brand launch in Heineken’s history. Creators were integrated in every element of the campaign.

The campaign won four Cannes Lions awards, including two in Social and Influencer categories. It also won Gold for Most Creative Campaign and Silver for Best Food & Drink Campaign at the 2023 Influencer Marketing Awards!