Pinterest has become the world’s largest visual discovery platform, inspiring over 400 million monthly active Pinners with creative, inspirational content that drives users to take action. Over 90% of weekly active Pinners use Pinterest to make purchasing decisions and now couldn’t be a better time to revamp or kick-start your Pinterest strategy.

In this webinar, Pinterest’s creator lead Reena Rai, MADE.COM’s global social media manager Yulia Aleksandrova, and influencer Sarah Barnes joined Piet Southey, Billion Dollar Boy’s head of new business UK to discuss all things Pinterest. 

Here are the key takeaways:

Capture consumers at consideration phase

As Pinners are at the heart of everything Pinterest does, the platform has maintained a positive space on the internet. Pinterest is a place for inspiration, making it an incredible place to capture potential customers in their purchase journey. In fact, 97% of all searches are unbranded, so you can capture users’ attention when they are actively sharing and searching for inspiration as opposed to mindlessly scrolling as they might do on other platforms.

Increase user-generated content

A power tool for brands is user-generated content created by their community of customers or brand advocates. UGC shows a brand’s products in context and helps builds brand connections.

Pinterest Group Boards build awareness

Group boards are a great way for brands to expand their organic reach and awareness. As the owner of a group board, you decide what your collaborators can do on your board. You can leverage that person’s audience and yours, meaning content gets seen by more people because of that partnership. It can be a collaborative process and makes your brand more authentic and relatable.

Measure success but be patient!

Brands and influencers come to Pinterest with different objectives. Some want to drive traffic or perhaps brand awareness, for example. Use analytics to see how well your content is performing. However, be patient as the content on Pinterest is evergreen so it can take a week or so to get all the signals you need to push content out to more people. You can view data such as impressions and engagements in the analytics suite to optimise content. You can also see the click-throughs and which pins are performing best. Make sure to add tracking links on anything you publish to see where that traffic is coming from. What’s more, Pinterest advises putting paid spend behind content as you can target your ideal customer in a shorter amount of time.

Inform your strategy with Pinterest Predictions

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what’s trending on Pinterest, as well as what the annual trend predictions. Understanding what is trending can help inform your marketing strategies throughout the year. You are more likely to see a higher reach when content is aligned with trending topics and the Pinterest predicts report. 

And finally…

  • If you fancy making Sarah’s popular No-Bake Easter Egg cheesecake that still gets plenty of engagement on Pinterest – you can find the recipe on her Pinterest page here.

Take a look at the Pinterest accounts the panel love:

For more tips and tricks, watch the full replay below:

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