Welcome to our column “Influencer Spotlight” — where we highlight our favorite content creators. Enjoy!

Jonas, is a 20 year old professional content creator and model from Norway. He answered our questions about his biggest accomplishments to date; online schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic; his love of vintage style and much more!

How did you get started creating content?

I started in 2017 when I went to live in the US. I began snapchatting and posting a lot on my stories. After some time more and more people wanted to watch me – in my ups and downs across the pond. From that, I went over to other platforms like Instagram, etc. and started posting there as well. I began thinking this is something I can do more with, and I never stopped.

What’s something new you started doing during quarantine?

Online school consumed most of my time when quarantine started – sadly. But I started working out a lot at home, and making fitness videos from home at Snapchat – that was fun. I tried to learn to play guitar out of boredom. Nothing new, but I started to watch a lot more Netflix shows like Good Girls and Workin’ Moms – like everyone else. It’s crazy what quarantine does to you.

Define your style in 3 words.

Baggy, minimalistic, and clean.

What is the biggest highlight of your influencer career so far? 

Probably booking multiple Zalando – campaigns. Because they’re one of the biggest online shopping places in Scandinavia and have such a variety of clothes. I love that they’re focusing on sustainable clothing.

Who and what inspires you? (A film, artist, book, social movement, friend or family member?)

I get a lot of style inspiration from the explore page on Instagram and on my Pinterest. I like the vintage – style pages. I also get inspiration from people that want to succeed in life and have plans for the future. That makes me wanna do more with my life and do what I can to get places. That’s why I like to read articles about people that have done something “out of the normal” and how they did it. 

What is a brand you think is doing things right on social?And why?

I think Netflix did a really good thing during quarantine then the BLM movement started for real – highlighting black actors, actresses, and directors. Educating people on white supremacy and racism. Putting shows and movies like 13th, When They See Us, and Dear White People on the first page for everyone to educate themselves. I really hope they keep that spirit going!

If you could share one tip for someone building their Instagram channel, what would it be?

BE YOU. BE GENUINE. I personally don’t use filters on my pictures, because that is what I like to see in my own feed. Make connections and have a niche that makes people wanna follow you – whether it is fashion, food, or fitness. Another tip is to post consistently and be active with original content. 

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