In the latest BDB Beauty Bites instalment, BDB looks at Valentino’s first-ever make-up collection, TikTok beauty trends, and how the beauty industry reacted to the BLM movement over the past year. 

Valentino Beauty Launches its First-Ever Make-Up Collection

It looks like Zara isn’t the only fashion house to jump on the beauty train recently. Haute couture fashion house Valentino has launched its first-ever makeup range, Valentino Beauty, which includes 40 shades of foundation and 50 different lipstick colours. Inclusivity is at the heart of the collection and when formulating over 40 matte foundation shades, the brand conducted research on the skin tones of 5,000 women in eight countries across every continent. 

Since BLM Protests, Have Beauty Brands Made Real Strides Towards Diversity?

Inclusivity and diversity should always be at the forefront for beauty brands. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. This can be seen through a lack of representation of all skin tones, for example, in advertising, social media and foundation shade ranges.

This article delves deep into how the beauty industry has reacted to the BLM movement over the past year and highlights initiatives and examples of beauty brands making positive change in regards to diversity. 

These Top 10 TikTok Skincare Hacks Are Trending For Good Reason

Following the first BDB Beauty Bites featuring TikTok hacks to avoid, it’s time for the top 10 TikTok hacks that are trending for good reason. From Sunscreen to Vitamin C, dermatologists and skin-fluencers have been jumping on TikTok to create digestible, educational and fun skincare content accessible for all. Favourites include @skincarebyhyram and @benneiley who have amassed over 7.4 million followers between them and 566 million likes.

An Aesthetician and Skincare Influencer Reveals Her Top Tips For Clearing and Preventing Acne

Skincare influencer Cassandra Bankson not only has over 118K loyal Instagram followers but most importantly 10 years experience as a medical aesthetician. According to Cosmo, Casssandra has become the publication’s go-to for expert acne advice.

It is so exciting to see industry professionals sharing their knowledge and experience across social platforms whilst deepening relationships with followers. Read this article for Cassandra’s top tips.

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