Introducing BDB LookUp, our new series which dives into the most-asked questions on hot topics within the marketing industry.

In our first of the series, BDB’s co-founder and UK CEO, Thomas Walters, sits down to tackle the most-asked questions about the metaverse. Have you ever wondered what the metaverse looks like; how it benefits society; or why it’s so popular? If so, Thom’s got the answers for you. 



Key takeaways include:

  • The metaverse doesn’t yet look like much. It’s the collective term for a future vision of the internet and can take a lot of form – not just those you might associate already (e.g. Decentraland). 
  • The metaverse offers massive opportunities for all kinds of businesses, for example, immersive shopping and AR. 
  • Metaverse technologies can help to benefit and evolve society – things that constrict us in real life don’t have to in an immersive virtual realm.
  • Mythbusting: is there a difference between the metaverse and the internet?
  • Virtual influencer inspiration.

You can also find out more about creator marketing in the metaverse by downloading our whitepaper

Keep your eyes peeled for more videos in our BDB LookUp series, where we’ll dive into industry-specific topics with the help of our expert teams across the UK and US. Got something you’d like us to look up? Get in touch at [email protected].

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