We’re all thinking about a “return to normal”—when it will happen, what we’ll do, who we’ll see. But as our social feeds grow more and more crowded with the terrible realities, images, and videos of a new wave crashing through India, it’s time to focus on the present and on what we can do to help.

BDB supports all efforts to help India, from donations of plasma and oxygen to money and time. We’ve pulled together a variety of ways to donate to help India pull through, save lives, and stop the spread. We’ve also assembled some of our favorite articles, posts, podcasts, and information from Indian creators, lending our platform to their voices and this cause. 

Ways to help

Pan India COVID-19 Resources

Ugaoo, a plant and garden company based in India, has put together a comprehensive guide for various ways to raise funds, aid and awareness where it’s most needed. Their crowdsourced, verified resources and information are a great place to start if you want to help but are unsure how to begin.

14 verified organisations you can donate to aid India’s COVID-19 crisis

Lifestyle Asia India, a lifestyle luxury guide to experiencing India, has assembled a verified list of organizations with feet on the ground in hard-hit areas throughout India. From free oxygen concentrators to providing cooked meals for the poor and unemployed, these organizations deserve attention and donations.

Giving opportunities for people outside of India

Shweta Kapur, the mind behind the designer fashion of 431-88, pulled together a selection of ways for people outside of India to contribute, providing several Main Feed frames featuring organizations’ titles, descriptions, locations, and handles.

Plasma Donor

For those in India who have survived COVID, Plasma Donor was set up to facilitate donations of plasma from previously COVID-positive patients who possess antibodies. This plasma can be used to help others survive their fights with COVID-19.

GiveIndia Covid Relief Donations

With GiveIndia’s donation portal, you can donate to provide oxygen through in-hospital oxygen generation plants, oxygen concentrators and cylinders, and funding cylinder refills. Non-invasive ventilation machines as well as ventilators also come from GiveIndia’s fund.

Support Swasth & ACT Grants to procure Oxygen concentrators for India

Milaap runs various fundraisers for India, one of which is Donate for Oxygen. This fundraiser, which goes toward the Swasth Alliance and ACT Grants, will help provide oxygen concentrators to help those who need oxygen during their COVID treatments can receive it.


India and the Unequal Distribution of Vaccines

Sam Sanders talks with New Delhi resident Aarti Singh and public health activist Achal Prabhala about the situation in India now and reasons for vaccine disparities between countries.

Covering India’s Covid crisis

The Guardian’s South Asia correspondent reflects on how there is no respite for anyone with friends, family, and loved ones in India.

One Day In the Life of A Covid Hospital

Barkha Dutt, a reporter who lost her own father while reporting on the COVID-19 crisis, captures some of the desperation and need in her video report on Twitter.

Social Media as ‘Godsend’: In India, Cries for Help Get Results

Reporter Suhasini Raj writes about the use, necessity, and possibilities of social media as people form grass-roots on-the-ground support networks, large systems of international support, and volunteer organizations with the help of the internet.

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