Recent studies have proven the power of creators when it comes to influencing consumers’ sustainable behaviours. 78% of people surveyed said creators have the biggest impact on their sustainable choices – much higher than other media types such as TV documentaries (48%), news articles (37%) or government campaigns (just 20%). In addition, 75% of people said they are more likely to take up planet-saving behaviours after watching social media content about sustainability.

Senior Account Manager Kitty Hollamby has led key green initiatives at BDB, including a recent partnership with social enterprise Ecologi, which is working towards reducing carbon footprints and restoring nature. This year, BDB has pledged to plant five trees per creator collaboration. Based on ‘22 Q4 figures, we’ll be planting around 750 trees a month (11,500 a year) on behalf of our campaigns and BDB staff. 

For this month’s creator spotlight, and in celebration of Earth Day, Kitty highlights creators with a sustainability focus who are helping their audiences make greener lifestyle choices

Max La Manna

Originally born in the US, Max is an award-winning author, low waste chef and digital creator. Now based in the UK, Max shares simple and affordable vegan dishes and recipes, using as much of the produce as possible to reduce waste. These have gone viral, raking up one billion views across his Instagram and TikTok pages.

Max has partnered with a number of household names and always integrates sustainability into his collaborations. We loved his recent collaboration with Barilla sharing his ‘passive pasta cooking technique’, which can save energy and up to 80% of CO2 emissions.

Max’s highly anticipated, latest cookbook has just launched. It includes 120 vegan recipes and tips on how to get the best out of food. You can purchase it here!

Photo credits (L-R): Carver PR, Andrew Burton, All Plants

Poppy Okotcha

Poppy is an ecological food grower and horticulturist based in Devon. She shares inspiring content, encouraging her audience to get out and connect with nature, while demonstrating how to grow and forage your own food via her Instagram account. 

She began growing her own food to reduce her carbon footprint and connect with the planet, while nourishing her body and reconnecting with the seasons. 

Poppy is an ambassador for WWF and Nature Is A Human Right, and has recently partnered with sustainable brands such as Stella McCartney and All Birds. Now into her fourth year flight-free, she often partners with Volvo, promoting their electric vehicles, and most recently spoke openly about her move to a more sustainable lifestyle on their Safe Spaces campaign.

Photo credits (L-R): Poppy Okotcha

Andrea Cheong

Andrea is a creator based in the UK who has gained popularity on both Instagram and TikTok for her fashion and beauty content. She is widely recognised for her sustainable approach and insightful tips on how to make smarter shopping choices.

Andrea is also the founder of Mindful Monday Method, which teaches her audience how to shop mindfully by examining clothing quality and sustainability. Andrea’s tips help consumers avoid purchasing items that won’t last and are ultimately a waste of money. By adopting her method, shoppers can make more environmentally-friendly choices without even realising it.

During London Fashion Week, we loved her recent collaboration with Microsoft and Aluwalia. It uses Microsoft’s EON platform, which connects physical products with a unique item-level Digital ID (for Ahluwalia it is a QR code on the garment) to make them more valuable, traceable and intelligent. The EON platform can potentially provide customers with valuable information about the garments they purchase – such as materials and production methods. Ultimately, this could lead to more informed and responsible shopping decisions.

Photo credits (L-R): Alise Jane, Alise Jane, Irwin Chan

Article written by Senior Account Manager, Kitty Hollamby and Senior Strategist, Natasha Trewin Marshall.

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