Ahead of England’s World Cup quarter-final, Account Manager, Jake Guria-Garnett, highlights the UK footballing creators who hit the back of the net with their content every time.

Lia Lewis

Lia is a dancer who, inspired by the Women’s World Cup, started practising freestyle football. From there, she has become a social media sensation, making incredible football content focusing on her next-level freestyle skills, fun football-related challenges and other football-related content. Lia is a former World Champion football freestyler, who battled through a nasty ankle injury to come 3rd in 2022. Lia’s content is bright and full of the most mind-boggling freestyle skills you have ever seen.

Kaljit Atwal

British-Asian freestyle footballer, Kaljit (@kaljitatwal), recently featured in Pepsi’s World Cup advert. She is shining a light on the football community, calling for diversity and inclusion. She features in the eye-opening book Dream Like Me: South Asian Football Trailblazers. Her freestyle skills rival the very best and she has a deservedly growing profile.

Ben Black

Ben (@ben) is one of the biggest football creators in the world and regularly collabs with the most well-known names in football (past and present). Ben is one of the lead creators for the FIFA World Cup 2022 and has been in Qatar throughout the tournament. His content is primarily made up of football challenges, trickshots, interviews and freestyle skills.

Theo Baker

Theo (@theobaker_) is an original Gen-Z British YouTuber. Hailing from Seaford, he is commonly and lovingly known as Malfoy. The majority of his content is football-focused and he regularly collaborates with other creators to create engaging content. He recently competed for the Youtube Allstars in the Sidemen Charity match where he had a solid game, (arguably carrying the team 👀). He is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.


Jon-Paul (@jonpaulsballs) is an artist who hand makes footballs using unconventional materials – primarily old shoes. He shot to TikTok stardom when he created a football out of old Nike Air Force 1s and another pair out of Doc Martens. He also experiments with materials such as hose pipes, and uses different shapes to create unique balls. In a nod to the classical nature of hand-making leather footballs, Jon-Paul has started his own community called the “Ball Makers’ Guild”, in which creators share their projects, knowledge and exchange advice. Jon-Paul will also be running a Ball Makers’ School to share his craft with a select few. 

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