BDB is excited to announce the launch of a new Community Team, whose focus is to build the strongest relationships with its creator partners and unlock new opportunities for creators and clients to optimise campaign collaborations. 

Heading up the Community Team is Sophie Crowther, who has been appointed as Community Director EMEA. Sophie joins from MediaMonks, having previously held tenure as Head of Talent at Brave Bison in Singapore. With over eight years of experience across the APAC and EMEA regions, she has worked with content creators all over the world and across a range of verticals, understanding just how valuable creators are as part of a successful marketing strategy. 

Joining Sophie is Tatum Greig, Senior Community Manager EMEA, who previously worked within BDB’s account management division. Tatum’s appointment to the Community Team adds over five years’ industry experience and an operational understanding of the agency’s account teams.

The launch of the Community Team enhances BDB’s talent-identification capabilities in European markets, building on our industry-leading creator database.

We’ve asked Sophie and Tatum to explain a bit about what their team objectives are, and why they love working with creators.

Hi! We’re excited to finally tell the world about you. Can you summarise what the Community Team does at BDB?

SC: Our role here is to grow, nurture, and consistently widen BDB’s talent relationships. We’re evolving the ways in which we are able to work with creators of all kinds; shifting the thinking to longer term, more sustainable, and unique partnerships that our competitors haven’t thought about yet.

The creation of the Community Team means we now have an arm of the business which is completely dedicated to remaining right at the forefront of the creator marketing industry. Our role is to provide BDB and our clients with stronger and more trusted relationships with talent throughout EMEA. The work we do is going to drive invaluable efficiencies and enormous value for both the team here and our clients. 

TG: As a team, we oversee BDB’s relationships with all external partners, such as agents, creators, platforms and social outlets. 

Ultimately, we’re here to remain one step ahead of the creator marketing industry to better inform our campaigns internally and externally. We are the point of contact for all agents and talent to create a two-way line of communication, to find new and exciting ways to work together. This means we can also offer more streamlined offering and up-to-date insights and intel for our clients.

What changes are you most excited to implement? And, what are you most excited to bring to the team?

SC: The fact that a Community Team exists at an agency like BDB is such an exciting prospect in and of itself. I’ve been working with creators agency-side for over eight years and it has always felt like such an obvious gap; one that I’m incredibly proud to be filling and helping to shape for BDB. 

There’s a lot in the pipeline, but a big priority is finalising formalised relationships with a select group of talent agencies. We’re also working on some really interesting projects with our platform partners… watch this space. 

We all share the belief that we hold a responsibility to constantly review the way we work. One of the things we’re really excited to be pushing forward with is improving the accessibility of all BDB content. To kickstart this, we are now including how to add captions to IG and TikTok content in our briefs. 

TG: We also encourage our creators to use the Alt Text function on Instagram campaigns, to help those that require a screen reader to understand the content our creators have produced. 

BDB is striving to lead the way when it comes to implementing changes that will benefit the industry as a whole. The Community Team is fully committed to help drive these changes, one of which is helping the industry become more accessible for creators and audiences globally.

Give us three words to describe the Community Team.

SC: Pioneering, ambitious, purposeful

TG: Influential, intuitive, zealous

If you could host a dinner party with two creators, who would they be and why?

SC: Rodger Cleye and Estee Lalonde.

Rodger because he is a straight up, TikTok legend. All the UGC videos around him embody TikTok at its absolute best. I need to know about his life before TikTok – he’s recently been showing photos of himself when he was younger, but I need more!

Estee Lalonde was one of the first YouTubers I ever subscribed to, and I still watch her vlogs to this day. She seems like such a good soul, really funny, and I reckon great value at a dinner party. Plus we can talk about dogs, skincare and tomatoes on toast – what more could you want?

TG: Jamie Genevieve and Grace Beverley.

I am the biggest Jamie Genevieve fan in the world and could talk to her for hours about makeup, skincare and beauty. She’s also lovely and a great conversationalist. 

I’ve been a huge advocate of Grace and her determination and passion to launch her three businesses. I’d take the opportunity to find out what drives her, her career to date and whether she is actually able to secretly stop time in order to get everything done!

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