We are thrilled to announce the launch of Muse, Billion Dollar Boy’s brand new in-house innovation unit exploring the impact and value  of emerging technologies shaping the creator economy.

Muse’s mission

The creator economy is changing and its evolution is being fuelled by emerging technologies. To meet this need, we are launching Muse, to investigate the impact and value of emerging technologies shaping the creator economy. The first priority: Generative AI.

Following a six-month investigative programme powered by new, independent research, and working with brands and creators, we are discovering how generative AI can supercharge creativity, empower creators and deliver impressive results for brands. 

Why Muse? We believe that emerging technology should enhance the creativity of those within the creator economy, helping them advance their businesses and careers. Therefore, we look at AI as a creative Muse.

The potential of Generative AI

Generative AI has become a key element of the creator economy – and our research shows the growing popularity of it in the creator economy. 

To understand this further, we surveyed 6,000 creators, marketers and consumers to decode the myths from fact. Our independent research found that:

🚀 Due to how much it currently stands out in feed: 60% of people prefer creator content designed using the technology.

🚀 Four in five creators (81%) reported more favourable audience engagement.

(Our full report on the state of the AI creator economy is coming soon). 

Becky Owen, Chief Marketing and Innovations Officer of Billion Dollar Boy, says: “New technology doesn’t come with a rule book. As an industry, we must therefore commit time and resources to better understand its impact on both the creator economy and the community and to explore its capabilities – rather than simply adopting innovations just to be on trend

“I’m proud to launch Muse, a new unit designed specifically to unpick the reality of these new innovations from the hype that surrounds them. Investigative research and extensive real-world partnerships with brands and creators are helping us to lift the lid on the power of generative AI and other formative technology shaping the industry. What we’ve found is that when it’s applied conscientiously, it can supercharge creativity, empower creators and deliver impressive results for brands.”

Muse’s scope isn’t limited to generative AI. We are also investigating the possibilities offered by other technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality, and virtual influencers.

Generative AI brand partnerships

The launch follows partnerships with multiple retail brands, including two global luxury fashion brands, to successfully launch their first AI-led creator campaigns.

We have joined forces with AI artists, Elmo Mistiaen, Jo Ann, Fashion Coupids, Shanikwa Dvorkin and Anastasia Rogozhina for brand campaigns. Our global creative partners are expanding as we explore new creative tools that help brands stand out.

Let’s discuss the future of generative AI in the creator economy

The industry is entering an exciting phase and we are excited that Muse is at the forefront of this evolution.

Get in touch if you want to learn more about the possibilities that Muse and AI hold for creators and brands. 

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