We’ve watched TikTok transform into a space where healthcare practitioners and mental health advocates can extend their support and advice in a humanised way, touching on previously taboo topics within their online communities. 

TikTok encourages creators to share their mental health stories through a ‘mental wellbeing matters’ mentality. The platform is taking positive steps to create a safe space for all – and also provides a guide for creators to understand how to share their experiences and support other community members safely.

Account Manager Stephanie Johnston is a key member of BDB’s Equal Space network, which works to promote belonging, purpose, and wellbeing within the agency. Our Equal Space network has put together a number of initiatives to contribute towards a more diverse and inclusive environment within our workplaces.  

For this month’s creator spotlight, Stephanie highlights creators with a neurodiversity and mental health focus who are helping their audiences feel seen and heard.

Michael Aldag

Michael is an emerging musician from Merseyside. He turned to TikTok during lockdown last year, where he entertained his audience with comedy sketches. More recently, he has shared music content too. Michael uses TikTok to share his passion for songwriting and impactful lyrics, which explore his experience with mental health. He aims to create a relatable and honest experience for his listeners. 

He recently joined the Talk Twenties podcast hosted by the wonderful Gaby Mendes and Felix Gabutey Jnr to talk all things adulting and songwriting. We urge you to give it a listen (or a watch). Perhaps we’ll see him at Glastonbury next!

Ellie Middleton

Ellie was diagnosed with autism and ADHD in her early twenties, and is an inspiring and pivotal voice in the neurodiversity space.  She has generated a dedicated following across her social media profiles, after a post discussing what it means to be ‘professional in a post-pandemic world’ went viral on LinkedIn. 

Ellie was the inspiration behind LinkedIn’s ‘I Am Professional’ campaign. She works tirelessly to break down archaic stereotypes attributed to the working world and has been nominated for some stellar awards. These include: Stereotype Buster at the 2022 Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards and Role Model of the Year at the 2022 Digital Women Awards. To top it off, Ellie was named as one of the Top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women 2022.

Ellie founded her own platform called (un)masked, with the aim of providing a safe space and tools for neurodivergent people to ‘discover, connect, engage and thrive’ in the workplace and life. She empowers her audience to celebrate what makes them unique, and offers important insights for employers on how best to support their neurodivergent team members.


‘Person first, lawyer second. No legal advice.’ is Henna’s TikTok bio and exactly why we love her channel. Henna is a Korean creator with a background in law. She uses the hashtags #mentalhealthmatters and  #mentalhealthawareness to connect with her audience and share her unfiltered experience with mental health.

Her content is wholesome, heartfelt and genuine. We particularly loved her ‘holiday mental health check-in’, exploring what her authentic Christmas experience looked like and why we shouldn’t shy away from sharing our truths.

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