Welcome to our “Influencer Spotlight” column where we highlight our favorite content creators. 

Owen Cain is a photographer, designer and storyteller based in New York City. We spoke to him about how he started out, his career highlights so far and what he has learned during lockdown. 

How did you get started creating content?

It happened very organically. I had just finished my Bachelor of Science Degree from Florida State University where I had to make a decision whether to continue training for Track and Field in hopes of securing a professional contract, start my career in the Science field or go to Med school to become a doctor. It was hard to make a decision, so in the meantime, I picked up a retail job at Dillard’s to help pay the bills.

It just so happened that I fell in love with the idea of creating looks for clients. Seeing the joy on their faces after a fitting was the spark I need. I would always sketch design ideas of things I wanted to make. One day, a customer saw a few of my sketches and was taken back. She later told me to look into design school, which at the time I didn’t know existed. That one conversation literally changed the trajectory of my life.

A year later I moved to New York to pursue a career in fashion design. It was the first time where I really felt complete. Naturally at a design school, everyone is trendy and fashion forward so I decided to revive my Instagram and post a daily outfit, just to have a dairy of my looks. Little did I know that people would be interested in what I was wearing. From there, I gradually grew a community of people who spoke the same language as I. Four years later, here we are.

What is the biggest highlight of your influencer career so far? 

The biggest highlights of my influencer career thus far are all the agencies and companies who truly believed in me, enough so, that they gave me an opportunity to be a part of their vision. One of the coolest things that really shifted my focus for the better was working at Todd Snyder as a Freelance Designer. I got to experience the different layers that goes into the business of fashion and how to truly market a brand.

Define your style in 3 words:

Modern, 70’s, editorial.

If you could share one tip for someone building their Instagram channel, what would it be? 

The biggest tip to starting an Instagram channel is to is do it because you love to showcase your looks. Don’t think about monetizing and the potential opportunities that may come from it. Connect with the people that genuinely love your work and you will eventually get there.

What is a brand you think is doing things right on social and why?

I think Fenty has really excelled in the past few years. Rihanna has created a brand that everyone can connect to. For so long, Black and Brown people feel as though a lot the retailers and beauty companies didn’t catered to their needs. By filling that void, Rihanna unintentionally exposed the ugliness that looms within the industry. She created makeup line that included all skin shade; from the lightest of white to the darkest of brown.

She didn’t just stop there! She create Savage X Fenty, a lingerie brand that caters to all genders, sizes, body types and skin types. On top of that, she highlights all body and skin types on her social media platforms. My hat goes off to her!

What is something new that you learned during the lockdown?

I learned how to use a tripod to shoot content. I never thought in a million years I would be able to shoot by myself.  The pandemic really forced me out of my comfort zone and elevated me to whole other level.

What are you looking forward to for this year’s holiday season?

I’m looking forward to being with my family. I’ve since moved back to the DMV area temporarily just to spend time with my friends and family during the winter season.

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