The creator economy is currently undergoing a seismic shift fuelled by generative AI. This technology is not only supercharging creativity, but also amplifying creator content while delivering exceptional returns on investment.

We set out to investigate the profound impact of generative AI on the creator economy and its role in shaping the future of advertising strategies. Our mission? To equip brands with insights and learnings that will help them navigate this ever-evolving landscape.

So we commissioned a first-of-its-kind intelligence report, powered by insights from real-world generative AI creator campaigns, expert analysis, and opinion from 6,000 marketers, consumers and creators.

Our report reveals perceptions of generative AI’s ability to disrupt the creator economy. It lifts the lid on the demographic nuances influencing its adoption; and analyses the challenges it poses and brand opportunities it presents. Download now. 

Key topics on Generative AI’s impact on the creator economy

How generative AI is positively disrupting the creator economy:

  • Four in five (81%) creators report better engagement on their generative AI content.
  • Creators overwhelmingly believe that it will improve the quality  (74%) and diversity (74%) of their creative assets.

Brand opportunities for integrating generative AI into creator marketing:

  • Three quarters of marketers are increasing investment in Generative AI creator content in 2024.
  • The increased spend on generative AI creator content will be sourced from other marketing channels, according to two thirds (65%) of marketers.
  • Generative AI is creating efficiencies for creators who strongly believe generative AI will alleviate their workload (79%) and accelerate content creation processes (82%)

Consumer, marketer and creator perceptions and adoption:

  • Marketers (75%) and creators (69%) overwhelmingly believe generative AI will positively disrupt the creator economy.
  • Consumers are twice as likely to agree (34%) that the technology will positively disrupt the creator economy than disagree (18%).

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Becky Owen, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Billion Dollar Boy, adds:

“There’s clearly a strong appetite for generative AI in the creator economy. The consensus is that it’s improving the quality and diversity of creator content – supported by strong performance results. In addition, it is also providing efficiencies and solutions. It can alleviate workload; offer cost-effective production at speed and scale; reinvigorate product-centric assets; and combat creative fatigue.

“But concerns around the misuse of the technology mean brands and creators must implement it responsibly and intentionally. In the accelerating race to invest, those who do so strategically will reap the rewards as we move into an era focused on refining generative AI creator content and exploring new innovations.”

Muse creator economy innovation unit

This intelligence report follows the launch of Muse, Billion Dollar Boy’s in-house innovation unit. Muse explores and harnesses the impact of emerging technologies shaping the creator economy. 

Download the research report now.

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