After a little beach break, BDB is back with Beauty Bites – a run-down of the latest skincare, wellness and beauty news and trends. This time we’re talking about NFTs, TikTok’s latest anti-ageing hack, and the state of Gen Z beauty.

Gen Z Look to TikTok For Product Recommendations

When looking for the latest go-to products, do you head to TikTok or YouTube? According to Kyra Media’s ‘Gen Z State of Beauty Report,’ ​​Gen Z looks to TikTok influencers for product recommendations, and YouTube influencers for beauty content and information. The top products they search for are staples, such as cleansers, moisturisers, mascara and concealer. Lipstick and foundation were ranked the lowest, given Gen Z’s desire for natural and unpolished moments on TikTok. 

The report also states that choosing an influencer that aligns with Gen Z’s gender diversity expectations is key as 67% said they watch content from beauty influencers who are of different gender identity to their own.

Botox in a Bottle: TikTok’s Latest Anti-Ageing Beauty Hack

The Ordinary is a skincare brand like no other. Simple serums with stripped back ingredients and packaging lists is the brand’s recipe for success. So, it’s no wonder that TikTok skinfluencers have jumped on the bandwagon and praised the brand’s duped “botox in a bottle”.

According to TikTok and 12.4 million views – the method simply involves mixing up two serums from The Ordinary – the argireline solution 10 percent and matrixyl 10 percent – and applying daily. Argireline targets the dynamic lines around the forehead and eye area. Users claim the serum gives similar results as Botox so no needles or doctor visits necessary.

NFT Craze Now Includes Major Beauty Brands

It looks like the NFT craze is not slowing down anytime soon. Now Beauty brands are following in the footsteps of NFT-loving fashion brands. 

Nars debuted its first series of NFTs, sold via NFT marketplace Truesy. The brand commissioned three artists — DJ and music producer Nina Kraviz, collage and crystal artists Sara Shakeel and fashion designer Azéde Jean-Pierre — to each create an artwork inspired by Nars’ famous Orgasm product line to coincide with National Orgasm Day on 31 July.

Creating NFTs is a new opportunity for beauty brands to enter the digital space and try something new and innovative in order to set themselves apart from the competition.

Will Solid Beauty Go Mainstream?

Skincare has come a long way since the humble bar of soap. According to Vogue Business, high performance skincare is coming for the solid beauty category in a bid to promote sustainability and simplicity. However, convincing customers is the next hurdle to get over. Best get stocking up on those soap dishes. 

How Big Brands Should be Talking About Sustainability

The biggest trap brands fall into is thinking that it’s possible to be a truly sustainable brand. A brand that is looking to truly invest in sustainability needs to be willing to look as closely at the areas it’s falling short on as it does as the areas in which it’s making progress. The ultimate goal should be a commitment to continually looking for ways to do things better, because sustainability is more of a lens than an end goal. 

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