Maria Joyson is a content creator who has worked on influencer campaigns for Billion Dollar Boy x Bobbi Brown, Essie and Primark.

She is a Londoner and keen fashion enthusiast, with a love for red lipstick. Maria boasts 36K followers on Instagram and runs her own blog documenting her many lifestyle, beauty, travel and blogger tips – and of course, fashion!

How do you decide on which brands and influencer campaigns you will work?

I have a really simple rule when deciding. It’s literally “would i spend my own money on this product or brand?” If the answer is yes, I then decide whether it is applicable to what I post about and what my followers are interested in. I also have to take the campaign requirements into consideration but generally my basic rule of thumb is making sure the collaboration fits with personal brand.

Which brands are doing things right on social?

I think Topshop have a great approach to social, particularly on their IG feed. A lot of brands just post their professional studio images that are used in-store, but I think that makes for boring viewing. Topshop’s feed is images created by bloggers and influencers and it delivers more engaging and interesting content that captivates people. Also it’s good to see clothes on a variety of people. Calvin Klein do this quite well too.

What’s the best lesson you learnt in 2018?

There’s always room for improvement. That is how you make a success of what you’re doing – by always challenging yourself.

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