The metaverse is set to transform the way we connect, create, and build community, generating infinite creative opportunities to explore.

Back in 2014, we predicted the rise of the creator economy. Since then, the industry has been driven forwards by technological advancements. And all of these elements are evolving faster than ever before. Then, just as creator marketing started to feel like a familiar space for brands… enter the metaverse.

Citi predicts the metaverse economy could be worth a staggering $13 trillion by 2030, with the potential to generate $8.3 trillion total consumer expenditure in the US alone, according to Morgan Stanley. Now, the world’s biggest tech companies, brands and game developers are all competing for a slice of the virtual pie.

So, what does creator marketing look like in the metaverse era?

We set out to understand consumer, creator and industry attitudes towards the new iteration of the internet. Our findings are captured in our whitepaper: Creator Marketing in the Metaverse Era.

It includes exclusive insights from Heineken, Meta, The Sandbox, DXSH, CC Studios (Bum Bailey), Influencer Marketing Trade Body, and Sara McCorquodale.

We commissioned Censuswide to survey over 4,500 US and UK consumers, brand marketers and creators to find out their expectations of the new iteration of the internet. 

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Key findings include:

  • 40% of UK Gen Zs are already active in the metaverse
  • 55% of UK brand marketers already have budget set aside for marketing activity within the metaverse that has been taken from other marketing channels
  • 60% of UK brand marketers would be willing to give up creative control for a metaverse campaign to work with a creator who understands the metaverse better than they do
  • 45% of US Gen Zs would attend a brand event within the metaverse
  • 40% of US marketers would most likely trust metaverse-specific creators to advise on their metaverse marketing strategy

Key takeaways include:

  • UK and US consumer, brand marketer and creator attitudes towards the metaverse 
  • How brands and creators can future-proof their presence within the metaverse
  • The potential opportunities offered by creator marketing in the metaverse era
  • How marketers can adapt their marketing strategies to create value in a virtual world

Thomas Walters, UK CEO and founder, Billion Dollar Boy, highlights: “As a space that is still yet to be built, the metaverse has huge potential for brands. The creative opportunities are infinite, and unknown, and those marketers who are willing to be bold and invest now will reap the rewards.

“Our research shows that consumer interest is there, but brands and creators must do their bit to help educate and guide people into the metaverse in a way that feels beneficial, fulfilling and purposeful.

“Creators are key to brands successfully entering the metaverse. They have unparalleled experience in establishing communities and spearheading innovation, and they will lead the way in this next era of the web.”

Enter the metaverse with BDB

BDB was among the first global influencer agencies and we specialise in and view creator marketing as a discipline, not an add-on – we bring this perspective into all of our agency offerings, proving the true value of creator marketing and influencer integration.

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Download the whitepaper now.

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