Instagram’s Threads brings a new chapter in the rivalry between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. With Twitter’s recent challenges in user navigation since Musk took over, it’s no surprise that Meta has joined the race to replace Twitter. After trading tit-for-tat blows with TikTok and YouTube in copying each other’s features, is this a killer move focused on the blue bird app?

It’s a bold move for the company to launch a new social app in what feels like an already over-saturated marketplace for audiences, brands and creators. Yet, Threads has managed to garner a huge amount of attention. 

Replying to his new Threads account to MMA fighter Mike Davis, who had asked if Threads could become bigger than Twitter, Zuckerberg wrote: “It’ll take some time, but I think there should be a public conversations app with 1bn+ people on it. Twitter has had the opportunity to do this but hasn’t nailed it. Hopefully we will.”

Below, we explore how Instagram’s Threads, a platform designed to spark and join public conversations, will impact creators and brands.

Threads: the next frontier for creators?

Threads offers a familiar interface, reminiscent of Twitter, and is incredibly user-friendly. It’s seamlessly connected to Instagram but operates as a separate app where users can log in with their existing Instagram usernames. While not all Instagram followers are automatically present on Threads, users have eagerly embraced the platform. It’s estimated that 10 million people have downloaded the app already.

Threads is now available to download in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and 100 other countries. EU countries lack access due to Meta’s £1 billion fine for mishandling user data. Nonetheless, Meta is exploring an upcoming launch in these markets as the platform holds tremendous promise for creators.

The power of Threads

Threads empowers users to stay up-to-date with trending conversations, interact with subcultures, and follow their favourite creators. 

With a focus on text-based posts that can be responded to and reshared, Threads brings back simplicity and offers a refreshing means of expression counter to Instagram and TikTok’s visual-centric focus. The emphasis on written content lowers the barrier to posting and is evoking nostalgia among users.

While there are currently no ads on Threads, Meta has left the possibility open for future monetization. Although, if advertising or paid media isn’t kicking off until this year or next, then the next few months offers a huge opportunity for brands to work with creators to be heard on Threads.

Threads supports creators

Creators and subcultures are taking centre stage on Threads, as the app seems to be designed to cater to their needs. Instagram actively encourages users to bring their existing followers to Threads by notifying them. If you’re verified on Instagram, this will reflect on your Threads profile too. This approach has resulted in many creators gaining early access to the platform and successfully bringing their followers along for the ride.

What are creators’ perspectives?

We reached out to creators for their initial impressions of Threads, and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“If you’d have told me another social platform is on the rise, I would have felt overwhelmed in advance. However, I’ve found threads refreshing. It’s lighthearted, quick, easy to consume content, and the millennial in me feels like we’ve gone right back to when I loved social media the most. I really hope it stays this way,” states Sasha Pallari, a creator and founder of #FILTERDROP.

What are brands’ reactions?

Several prominent brands, such as Huel, PlayStation, Netflix, and ASOS, have been quick to adopt Threads. However, some brands have created accounts but are currently maintaining a low profile. At this stage, it’s crucial for brands not to overthink their strategy. Instead, they should embrace light-touch testing, have fun with the platform, and discover what resonates with their specific audience.

We spoke with a global brand that wishes to remain anonymous, and they expressed their excitement about Threads. They noted that influencers they work with are already posting as if they’ve been on the platform for years. The brand finds Threads to be a natural extension of Instagram, and they are eager to explore future opportunities for branded content on the platform.

“Threads offers no immediate commercial opportunities for creators, but growing an audience there could play into their commercial success. Relevancy is part of a creators’ currency and if good conversations are happening on Threads they will know it will be beneficial to be part of it. 

“My expectation is that Instagram creators will shape the platform in the short term and show people how to use it. The interesting thing will be how Twitter influencers migrating to Threads approach the app,” says Sara McCorquodale, CEO and founder of influencer intelligence and digital trends platform, CORQ.


Instagram Threads signifies a new era for creators, offering them a platform to engage with their audience, join conversations, and express themselves through written posts. With its user-friendly interface and dedicated focus on creators, Threads has quickly garnered attention and fast adoption.

Elon Musk recently tweeted that he would be up for a cage fight with Mark Zuckerberg. The Meta CEO shot back by posting a screenshot of Musk’s tweet with the caption ‘send me location’. Early indicators show that he may have struck an early blow before even getting into the octagon. Only time will tell if it is a knockout blow but instant fame and an actively engaged audience of 10 million in under 24 hours would suggest it could be.

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