Last week, Billion Dollar Boy hosted a crowd of influencers, industry insiders and brand managers for the first event of our Fireside Chat series with our Founder Permele Doyle and Creative Director and Influencer Patrick Janelle of @aguynamedpatrick at our New York offices at Blender Workspace

You may know Patrick from Instagram where he documents his everyday life as a creative director, influencer and entrepreneur and travel adventures. In 2014, CFDA named him the first Fashion Instagammer of the Year. “Influencing as we know today didn’t exist when I got my start.” said Patrick. His website and Instagram feed are a go-to resource for expert recommendations on where to stay, eat and drink. Everyone can appreciate his thoughtful city guides and sharp knowledge of the food and hospitality space.

We were thrilled to chat with him over some bubbly and learn about his career path, future plans, favorite city spots and even tips on how to capture the perfect Instagram still image. Read on for our top takeaways from the conversation:

On the importance of video

Patrick is staying ahead by distributing content across other platforms. In addition to his newsletter where he shares his latest travel recommendations, current reads, and more, he also recently started a YouTube channel. While he admits that making YouTube videos requires a bit more production than IG Stories or IGTV content, Patrick emphasized how important it is for him to have off-the-cuff moments where he can capture his real-life experiences.

On creating a TikTok channel

Talking about his approach to video was the perfect segue into the next topic. TikTok’s popularity continues to grow in the U.S., and Patrick is among the latest to join the platform saying he is “obsessed” with the channel after using on his recent trip to Puglia. He, too, likes the raw, unfiltered, upbeat and spontaneous nature of the platform and plans to keep posting content on it.

On what brands can do better to stand out on social media

It all comes down to being more personal. From taking a community-first approach, interacting with consumers, answering questions and DMs, brands can foster a more engaged audience, which will ultimately translate into a great social presence. By engaging consistently, hosting real-life experiences and producing dynamic content, influencers can also step up their social media game. We’re taking note of these content editing apps that Patrick suggested: Snap Seed and VSCO.

It was a great night of laughter, actionable takeaways and bubbly! “We were very lucky to gain insights from someone like Patrick who is so thoughtful and analytical about the industry and who is truly embracing the changing landscape. He is also so articulate and fun! Really look forward to the next one.” said Permele.

Thank you to everyone who came and be sure to join our email list to hear from us on future events and latest happenings.

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