By Shelcy Joseph

Every February, brands across the U.S. honor the stories and achievements of African-Americans; and acknowledge their essential historical role.

At Billion Dollar Boy, we celebrate by highlighting our favorite content creators and the meaning the month holds for them.

Aysha Sow

“To me, Black History Month means celebrating all our blackness in every form possible. It is about reminding ourselves how beautiful and unique we are and that we never let our downfalls define us. Rather, we use those to fuel us to create; to be, to love, and to exist wholeheartedly. That to me is what blackness means. We are loud, expressive, bold, brave, vibrant, colorful, and we are unapologetically ourselves.”

Owen Cain

““It is very important to remember where we are from. So many gave their lives so that we could have it much easier today. For that I am grateful! Happy Black History Month!”

Shelcy & Christy

“Black History Month to us means pride and power. It’s about telling our stories, making our voices heard, and reclaiming our essential role in American history.”

Ron Hill

”A month to reflect on the resilience of the people who are the backbone of this nation—where we started, where we stand and how much further we can go.”

Janelle Marie Lloyd

“For me, Black History Month is a time to take pride in our past, celebrate our present, and a reminder that I have the strength to take up space and continue to break down barriers that may come my way in my career and in my life.”

Rahel Bharne

























It means to be proud to be my absolute self! I love the many different ways we can express ourselves and the huge impact this has on the world. I am so proud to be a strong black woman and be able to inspire the black community around the world through social media. Social media platforms are so important for us because we get to portray ourselves the way we want to—being black means being proud!“ 

Christina Caradona

























“It’s a time to remember, honor, and recognize the struggles and sacrifices made by African Americans. They never gave up; and we will never give up.”

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