The latest instalment of BDB Reads includes that Weetabix and Heinz post we can’t stop following, the social media creators that are joining Hollywood’s “top union”, and the fact that Instagram is testing a new vertical Stories feed, similar to TikTok.

TikTok Stars and Social Media Creators Can Now Join Hollywood’s Top Union

As reported by Taylor Lorenz, the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists has approved an “influencer agreement” that expands coverage and membership options to online content creators. SAG-AFTRA’s new agreement opens membership up to more YouTubers, TikTokers, Snapchat stars and anyone else creating sponsored videos or voice-overs. This is the latest sign that the business of influence has become a crucial part of the entertainment industry.

Can Big Luxury Build New Fashion Brands?

LVMH announced the closure of Fenty fashion label last week but Fenty Beauty still going strong. Its failure is linked to high prices that did not align with Rihanna’s broad fan-base and a product that was less well-made than other established luxury brands like Dior.

Fenty Beauty has been majorly leveraging influencer marketing (on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok) since its inception. Whereas Fenty fashion did not appear to engage much of an influencer marketing strategy itself. Instead, some – mostly negative reviews – popped up on YouTube, for example, from influencers who seemed to have paid for the products themselves and focused on the alienating price point and the non-wearability of the clothes.

As we know at team BDB, influencers have been proven to boost sales even for expensive products and so it arguably comes down to how good the product is and the targeting.

Instagram Tests A Vertical Stories Feed Similar To TikTok

Instagram is continuing to try and stop users from leaving the platform for TikTok by testing a vertical Stories Feed. Even Snapchat is borrowing ideas from TikTok. Its recent launch of Spotlight, for example, is its own TikTok clone.

Ridge Wallet Hits $50 Million with Influencer Marketing

Ridge wallets launched via a Kickstarter campaign in 2014. This interview with the COO of Ridge looks at how they pay influencers and demonstrates the power of leaving all creative and responsibilities with influencers.

Sean Frank, The Ridge’s chief operating officer, told the reporter: “We sponsor a lot of influencers on YouTube. Roughly 750 in 2020, when we spent $3.9 million on 3,000 unique videos. That’s 10 new videos a day that we’re integrated with.” It’s clearly had a huge payoff for the brand.

What made Weetabix baked beans a viral hit – from the agency behind it

That post from Weetabix’s Twitter account, featuring an image of the breakfast cereal covered in Heinz Baked Beans, led to a barrage of responses from other brands and organisations. This is a great example of a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Everyone much enjoyed the reactive content from brands that jumped on the bandwagon.

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