New York, NY, May 30, 2024 — Billion Dollar Boy announces that Permele Doyle, co-founder and President of BDB Inc, will be departing from her operational role at the company.

Over the past nine years, Permele has been instrumental in BDB’s success, launching the U.S. business and leading the company’s U.S. operations since their founding in 2015. She led the company into the fashion and beauty space and encouraged the business to embrace Instagram & TikTok at early stages. She has been an unwavering supporter of influencers as content creators throughout. Under her leadership BDB U.S. also earned its first Webby and Shorty awards and built strong relationships with globally renowned clients.

Edward East, Founder & Global CEO of BDB said “Permele has been a driving force behind BDB’s success and has left an indelible mark on our company. Myself, Thom, and the whole BDB team are grateful for her contributions & professional support – we look forward to seeing the impact she will make in her future endeavors”.

Permele’s commitment to innovation and growth has also seen her championing women in the workplace. In 2023, she introduced an improved maternity paid family leave policy globally across the BDB group – an industry leading policy in the United States; led a pro bono campaign with Paid Leave for All and Glamour Magazine, advocating for a comprehensive and inclusive federal paid family and medical leave program; and introduced the BDB Mother’s Club. Her efforts have made a big impact at BDB.

As Permele leaves BDB, she does so leaving the direction & growth of our U.S. business with a brilliant group of female leaders who she hired and has championed throughout. We are proud to see her embrace this new chapter by dedicating more of her time & experience to championing women’s advocacy across even more of the advertising industry & beyond.

“It has been a tremendous honor to co-found Billion Dollar Boy and build and grow such a talented and dedicated team in the US. When we launched we were on the very forefront of influencer marketing, and it’s been incredible to watch how much the industry has advanced with us as leaders in the space. I’m excited to focus on what is next,” said Permele. “As I step away from my operational role, I remain deeply committed to BDB’s mission and future success. I am excited to focus my energies on women’s advocacy work and new media, causes which are incredibly important to me both personally and professionally.”

Permele’s responsibilities will be assumed by the BDB leadership team who have worked to ensure that the transition is smooth and will continue to drive the direction & fast growth of the Business.

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