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Zara Beauty has arrived!

The fashion powerhouse that is Zara has launched Zara Beauty. The collection is vast and in true Zara fashion there is something for everyone. Eva Lopez-Lopez, Zara’s beauty director discusses how Zara’s goal is to create a truly inclusive collection made with high-performance ingredients and true colour innovation. Check out the article to find out more and cop your next beauty fix.

Medical skin care is trending

Over lockdown, SpaceNK saw a huge rise in consumers searching for high-tech skin solutions when clinics closed. As a result, as we creep out of lockdown, it looks like medical skincare is rising in popularity. British Vogue has selected eight of the best beauty brands backed by science and dermatologists. Our BDB cult favourite SkinCeuticals made the list.

The five most dangerous skincare trends doing the rounds on TikTok

In April alone, searches for “TikTok Skincare” increased by a whopping 9100% proving that lots of us are turning to this app for advice and recommendations from our favourite “Skinfluencers”. 

While some hacks are useful, others are darn right dangerous. Check out Grazia’s latest article listing the top five most dangerous trends skincare trends.

NFTs make their way to beauty

NFT s are nonfungible tokens that prove ownership of a digital item – image, sound file or text – in the same way that people own crypto coins. “The space is just so mind-blowing. It’s so fascinating. Its exciting, especially for creators. Because your work lives in perpetuity,” says Gracie J, a nail artist from the TV show “Claws”. Check out this article to find out more about how NFTs are taking the beauty industry by storm. 

Five skin-positive influencers aiming to bring change in beauty community

Skin positivity and inclusiveness is a topic that has been around for a long time but it is rare to find people embracing it, especially on social media. Nowadays, we see a handful of people championing the #nomakeup look.

However, many people still love to chuck a filter on. This article explores the influencers who have been vocal about their skin journey and struggles and want to bring about positive change to people’s perspective.

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