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We combine data and creativity to deliver authentic
influencer marketing campaigns.

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How we work

Campaign Services

We understand what type of content works on social media and what drives conversation. We know how to make brand partnerships appear seamlessly integrated into an influencer’s feed. We work hand-in-hand with brands from the initial idea stage through full execution to the final campaign reporting.

Influencer Network

We are continuously growing our Influencer Network with strong influencers and talent agent relationships across the US, Europe, South America and the Middle East. We are immersed in who is doing what and how brands can reach consumers in fresh and engaging ways.




video views



Influencer Matching

Our proprietary database, Matchmaker, tracks the real-time status of our clients’ campaigns. We are then able to match our influencers with our clients’ brands. Our Matchmaker is an invaluable tool in creating the right synergy and is unique to Billion Dollar Boy.

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