By Shelcy Joseph

Communicating virtually is our new normal; and we’re incredibly fortunate to be able to function remotely. On March 10th, Billion Dollar Boy implemented a work-from-home policy across our New York office, soon followed by London. We took this precaution early to do our part to help to limit the spread of the COVID-19.

While some of us are more used to it than others; the shift to full-time remote work is an adjustment for everyone—so we’re constantly sharing tips on how to stay productive in these stressful times.

From taking small breaks throughout the day to writing to-do lists, here’s how our team is making it work:

“Work out before you work, otherwise you might feel sluggish and unproductive. Drink lots of water and spend as much time outside as you can. Also listen to new music!” – Jack Henderson, Senior Account Manager.

“Put on a record. Changing the side gives you a small break from looking at your computer screen.” – Cameron Penders, Account Executive.

“Get up at the same time each day. Stick to an exercise schedule and drink lots of tea.” – Kinda Savarino, Designer.

“Set up your work area somewhere with natural light if possible.” – Coreyiel Ellis, Account Manager.

“Limit getting caught up in the news cycle. Take frequent small breaks!” – Victoria Wales, Business Development Director.

“Take a proper lunch break usually prep it the night before or do something practical around the house (i.e. renovating).” – Amie Holloway, Performance Marketing Manager.

“Work out in some form during the day, and be sure to check in with people and even call someone on the phone!” – Will Leatherman, Creative Strategist.

“Make a to-do list of actionable items for the day – even if one of those items is just reaching out to people in your network to see how they are doing.” – Holland Bent, Business Development Director.

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