It comes as no shock, that what men like on social media differs considerably to the content women view.

Aside from just the content, the amount of users that are female as opposed to male is significantly different as well. In fact, women dominate in a majority of the most popular social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Men don’t dominate on certain platforms because that is not the content they are interested in reading or producing. So what exactly is it that they are interested in and how are they reaching that type of content?

News & Current Events

Men are more focused on getting information from social on what is going on in today’s world. While women are more likely to to click on articles from sites such as Elite Daily that post articles on lifestyle and dating, men are more likely to click on articles from sites like Forbes, BBC, or CNN. Men also prefer to use social to connect with politics and engage in political conversation. Connecting news and current events with their everyday lives is something that men are more focused on.


Related to their interests in news and current events, men also interact with business content on social. They connect with companies, potential clients or partners, as well as keeping up with what is going on in the general business market. Using business content on social allows men to market themselves and get their name out towards that general crowd. Men make up a majority of users on LinkedIn and Google+, two of the main sites for connecting with others on a professional level.

Video Content

YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, Vimeo, Buzzfeed and more. Video Content social sites are taking over, especially among the male audience. Since 2011, time spent viewing digital video has more than doubled. With digital video surging in the social world it is easier for content to be seen and heard. Male specific audiences are recognising this and are more inclined to follow this trend. Cars, sports, sex, humor, celebrity are just a few to name among the top types of content men are engaging in on the video social platforms.


The rise of sport broadcasting on social platforms has increased drastically over the past couple of years. There are more platforms where live coverage and updates of matches and games are easily accessible. While women are increasingly gaining a presence in the sport world, men are still the dominators in using social for sport content. Through live updates on apps and social sites such as Snapchat and Facebook, men are increasingly using social as opposed to actual TV broadcasts for sports. Not only do they enjoy the actual content of the match or game, but are also more keen on following their favourite athletes and spending time familiarising themselves with their lives through social.

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