By Shelcy Joseph

As we brace ourselves for another week under quarantine, we’re slowly catching up with our endless list of shows and movies. It’s a much needed distraction from the news cycle—which only seems to add to our anxiety during this self-isolation.

We put together our team’s top recommendations for your watch list—as you continue to practice social distancing. Whatever TV genre you’re into, we bet there’s something for you in this Billion Dollar Boy watch list:

Love is BlindFor an addictive binge.

Broad CityFor some good laughs.

Silicon ValleyFor a witty take on the world of tech startups.

FriendsOne of those classics which will make you feel all the emotions.

Gilmore GirlsSame reason as above.

Tiny House NationFor a fascinating watch.

Next in FashionFor a quirky and good-spirited design competition.

WestworldFor a brilliant glimpse into the future of AI.

The OfficeYou just can’t watch it too many times!

Curb Your EnthusiasmFor a belly-aching laugh (and some moments that don’t make sense).

Dave Chappelle’s Specials – Because it’s Dave Chappelle and stand-up.

House of Saddam  – A history lesson, which is also entertaining.

MindhunterFor a poignant psychological drama.

The CrownFor some good ol’ British humor and history.

The Good the Bad and the UglyFor an action-packed Western drama.

Black MirrorFor a real look into the dark side of technology.

ReignFor a good political drama.

AkiraFor our sci-fi and history fans.

Mr. RobotIf Dexter and You had a brainchild, this show would be it.

HomelandFor a compelling American thriller.

YellowstoneFor a moving portrayal of family dynamics.

Once Upon A Time In AmericaFor an epic crime drama. 

BuffyIf you’re into supernatural drama series.

The Deer HunterFor a sentimental story of war and friendship.

BelgraviaWho doesn’t love a good historical drama?

What are you currently watching? We’re always looking for new ideas. Share your suggestions with us on social!

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