Billion Dollar Boy’s proprietary software Companion is the simple way to manage and track all influencer marketing activity. Having taken on board both internal and client feedback, the team here at BDB have been busy improving  the technology and we are delighted to announce the launch of Companion 2.0.

With brands set to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022, engagement metrics as the primary means marketeers are citing to evaluate success. The need for greater understanding of the true impact of influencer activity is especially important at a time when influencer marketing is set to grow in 2021 and all eyes are on the budgets.

The in-house development team at BDB originally created the Companion tool to help the account management team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Over the four years since its creation, it’s developed into a standalone tool that is now used by brand and agency influencer teams across the world, including Ogilvy, Zalando and Luxottica.

Companion 2.0 improvements and features

From capturing content automatically to benchmarking influencer performance, Companion 2.0 is the comprehensive tool for influencer marketing campaigns. The range of new improvements and features for 2.0 includes:

  • Your influencer database: you can build and manage your influencer database by customizing what matters so you can cherry-pick the right creator for your campaign, saving you time
  • New influencer discovery
  • Influencer audience demographic checks
  • Campaign content tracking: capture more content to make it easier to run impactful campaigns by tracking and logging all of your influencer content. 
  • Campaign dashboard (live): easily access the dashboard and see what is performing across digital marketing channels so you can put your budget where it matters
  • Campaign report: we also partner with Nielsen to produce brand studies measuring the uplift in perception that can be directly attributed to your BDB campaign
  • Campaign libraries 
  • Works across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok
  • Benchmark Value (BMV) provides a value on every piece of content so you can understand the real value of any earned media driven by your BDB campaign

Irving Shark, head of product at Companion, said: “Clients are getting tired of investing money and getting data back that is based on opaque metrics to calculate success. BMV is a transparent tool based on years of real data. For the first time, clients have an accurate view of how well their investment in influencer marketing is performing versus other channels.”

“Companion has made day-to-day influencer management far simpler. Its workflow and data enables us to run a campaign from start to finish with the reassurance that we are making the right decisions every step of the way,” commented Stephanie Walravens, influencer and social media manager at Zalando.

Learn more about how Companion 2.0 can help you by getting in touch with [email protected]

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