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TikTok gardening making the world a better place

If you didn’t know about guerilla gardening before, TikTok is taking this age-old gardening practice and turning it into a digital trend for Millennials and Gen Zs alike in order to make the world a better place.

The TikTok #GuerillaGardening trend currently has over 8.8 million views and is encouraging new gardeners across the globe to get involved by seed bombing their local communities with native seeds in order to encourage growth to inaccessible areas.

The #SeedBombs hashtag has more than 3.8 million views on TikTok. This challenge is definitely bringing out the best in us by making sustainability cool again and promoting awareness about green spaces and urban gardening.

From bathscaping to #BathTok

Having spent more time at home over the last few years, according to Canvas8, 35% of Americans and Britons said that they have increased the time spent on self-care during lockdowns. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the #bathroutine is having a digital revival, and our sanctuaries are getting a much needed inspo update thanks to Tiktok.

Tiktok is leading the charge with influencers sharing their dreamy bathscapes, encouraging others to prioritise self-care by having glamorous and self-indulgent baths. Bath-related hashtags are racking up millions of views, with #bathtok getting over 329.7 million views and #bathroutine more than 60 million views.

Creating more eco-friendly environs

Three million gardeners sprung up this year as a result of lockdown. As well as making their micro-environments greener, people are experimenting with commuting methods that offset their worries about the virus and climate change. This has caused the number of people walking, cycling, or using e-scooters to soar.

It’s not the only focus of people’s efforts to create better environments for themselves and their communities. Some have been swapping tips on rewilding and turning their gardens into eco-sanctuaries, while certain employers in the US are granting renewable energy credits.

Generation create 

Creative pursuits have been a comfort for many during the stress and anxiety of the pandemic. However, research shows that a common misunderstanding about how creativity works could lead to people giving up on these projects early, creating a need for brands to help them stick at it.

Given how valuable creativity has been as a coping mechanism for many, brands can help people understand how crucial persistence is to keeping these pursuits going. Gen Zers in particular, who have been nicknamed ‘Generation Create’ by Adobe, could benefit from both this knowledge and the tools to help them soldier on with projects – whether that is DIY businesses or ethical hacking tasks.

The new take on luxury DIY

A new genre of DIY content began to emerge in China’s digital fashion world in 2020. Video tutorials typically showing a step-by-step process of upgrading branded shopping bags into reusable logo totes, popped up.

Since then, upcycling projects using scraps of luxury retail, have been promoted online. For example, under the hashtag #luxuryribbon, Chinese fashionistas turn Gucci and Chanel gift-wrapping ribbons into hair ties, hair clips, brooches and key rings.

Besides staving off stay-at-home boredom, consumers appear to be enjoying the satisfaction of personalising luxury pieces. It’s not enough to have their initials inscribed on a product — they want to directly participate in the design making process.

Influencers join the #roomtour

In China, fashion influencers are joining the #roomtour trend, where content creators invite followers into their homes and show off their interior designs. Fashion bloggers are expanding their areas of focus to include lifestyle, home tours and furniture purchases. 

Rental-friendly home renovation hacks

Home and garden spending saw online sales increases of 71% in 2020 and 120% in Q1 of 2021, according to the IMRG Capgemini Online Retail Index. As more and more consumers spent time at home, saved money, and prepared for life after lockdown, many changed and refreshed their spaces. 

Stefanie Bloom, a TikTok user, has been getting millions of views on her rental-friendly home renovation hacks. There are plenty of ways to decorate that don’t require you to change anything about the existing structure of a space. 

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