By Shelcy Joseph

Beauty and fashion influencer Melody Acevedo brings authenticity to the influencer space.

Welcome to our “Influencer Spotlight” column, where we highlight some of our favorite content creators.

Need some curly hair inspo? Look no further than Melody Acevedo’s feed. The Dominican-born content creator constantly captivates her 109K+ followers with inventive hairdos and fabulous looks. We’ve loved working with her on campaigns for Primark and African Pride; her content resonates with her audience in a fresh, young and authentic way. We recently sat down with Melody and got to know her better:

How did you get started creating content?

It was when I did a big chop and began a new journey with my hair. I started documenting the process on YouTube and Instagram and, slowly but surely, I started growing an audience!

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up at 7:00 and do my morning devotional, before getting ready for the gym. At 9:30, I check in with my team to make sure we are aligned for the day and then I start working. Some days, I do a ton of admin work, whereas others, I can be  out shooting all day. I usually end the day with one of my favorite shows.

Define your style in 3 words

Comfortable, chic and trendy.  

Who and what inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere. In people, in art; even onPinterest! But I never rely on that, if I’m being honest –  some days I wake up super unmotivated. So what really drives me, every day, is a combination of my personal goals and, above all, my family. 

What is the biggest highlight of your influencer career so far?

I feel very blessed to have more than one moment to pick from, so I will pick a few. I worked with Marc Jacobs last winter and it was amazing. I spent a day with their team, alongside other influencers, and it was a total pinch-me moment. I have also been working with Cotton Style and it has been a dream to work closely with celebrity stylist Irma Martinez, and see myself featured in various press releases. 

If you could share one tip for someone building their Instagram channel, what would it be? 

Consistency is key. You don’t need a fancy camera or anything special;  you can just start with your phone but what really matters is always posting content you care about. 

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