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Plant influencers to sprout inspiration

After a year of being in our homes it is no surprise that we have looked to bring the outside in and make our homes more green. According to research by the University of Exeter, employees’ productivity jumps 15% when previously bare work environments are filled with a handful of houseplants. As a result, plant influencers have sprung up over the last year providing dreamy plant inspo and advice on how not to kill your new plant babies.

Looking for inspiration for your new indoor jungle? Check out these eight plant influencers on *their* favorite plant influencers to follow on Instagram. 

The obsession with Clean-Tok 

There’s something very satisfying about watching someone deep clean their home, from top to bottom and seeing the sparkling results, and now cleaning is more popular than ever thanks to Clean-Tok.

The new TikTok trend Clean-Tok has an overwhelming 15B views on TikTok, with multiple videos of influencers showing how they clean their homes, sharing their tips and tricks and giving product recommendations. Here are the top 12 TikTok cleaning trends.

Plants over partying 

Gardening is a great stress reliever and reason to get outside. Just like a slate of home-friendly hobbies like baking and knitting, gardening has seen an increase in popularity over the last year, and this is set to continue to grow.

Earlier this year seed companies saw a serious uptake in requests for seeds meaning homebound green thumbs are turning to horticulture once more, and links to the rise in retail sales in the gardening industry. 

What’s more, 80% of 18- to 34-year-olds in the UK agree the hobby is ‘cool’ and over half would rather visit a garden centre than go to a nightclub. With 72% of young people saying they’ll continue to invest in plants and gardening in the future, the trends looks set to stay. 

The repositioning of gardening as cool is something Gucci tapped into in its collaboration with HighSnobiety.

Sustainability is here to stay

Our homes have become spaces to live, work and play, and as we have spent more time at home we have become more aware of our consumption and habits.

The pandemic’s positive environmental impact has shown there is still time to take action and protect the planet, and 89% of consumers are likely to continue making environmentally friendly, sustainable or ethical purchases post-pandemic. Consumers are shopping mindfully and cost-consciously, with demand for local, sustainable and value brands rising.

Rediscovering old pastimes

As people took the time to reconsider their priorities during the pandemic, creativity emerged as a therapeutic outlet. According to Canvas8’s Purposeful Play report, people are rediscovering old pastimes (35%) and taking up new ones (22%), as a way to deal with daily stressors, as hobbies help people draw the line between work and home.

In addition, 65% say that new routines and passion projects have helped to improve their well-being because being creative serves as a distraction and therapeutic outlet.

spread joy, not germs

At a time when people were stuck at home during the pandemic, people needed a little joy more than ever. method wanted to ‘spread joy. not germs’ to homes far and wide during the COVID-19 lockdown and to bring a smile to people’s faces. Check out the reactive Instagram campaign case study here.

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