Do you know how to get the best return on your influencer campaign investment?

As a rapidly maturing industry, influencer marketing has proved it is no longer just an add-on marketing tactic, but a strategy that can offer big rewards for brands who invest. Below we outline five key steps that will help you get the best return on your influencer campaigns.

Know who you are working with and utilise influencers most suited to the brand

Before you begin working with influencers, and even before the selection process, do some research. Look at their followers and equally as important, also see who your desired influencers are following. Look at how they engage with their audiences, the kind of content they post and what their personal brand reflects.

Review whether the influencers you have researched fit with your brand.

This is a key point. If the influencer does not reflect a similar or the same identity as your brand, your campaign will struggle to succeed. Non-alignment will affect your targeting, the audience you want to engage with and what your brand represents. In short, your goals will not be met.

Have a dedicated review process

It’s imperative to implement a content review and approval process prior to your influencers posting on their feeds. This ensures consistency of content and message alignment, and will define both parties’ expectations of deliverables and adherence to relevant deadlines. In addition to the aforementioned, consistently reviewing your pre-published content will also allow for greater optimisation. You will have complete oversight of what is working, what is not and can make improvements to better your campaign throughout.

Content beyond your social media campaign

Influencers are content creators and the assets they deliver for your campaign can extend further than the social media platforms used. Great influencer content can be repurposed for your OOH efforts, website, paid social and marketing collateral. The opportunities are endless and cost-effective.

Review and evaluate your campaign efforts

Once your campaign has come to an end, it is crucial to analyse the results of your campaign – and it is not just a matter of looking at the numbers. While the figures are important, make sure to include a review of your experiences working with each . Did one relationship involve more time and effort than another? Were there any value-add posts that were not included in the initial contract? Have you created genuine brand ambassadors that resonate with your audiences? By having a holistic review of your campaign, you will be guaranteed to achieve even better results for the future, getting the best return on your influencer campaign investment.

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