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Brand News

Farfetch Launches Pre-Order Service in an Effort to Minimise Fashion Waste

Fashion retail businesses are increasingly under pressure to tackle the sustainability issues facing the industry. Farfetch is hoping to help tackle overproduction with its new pre-order initiative.

The pre-order service will be used in pre-production. This will allow brands to minimise waste by creating exactly how many garments are desired. In theory, this will help brands manage their inventory and production far more efficiently and ultimately, reduce waste. The service is launching with the likes of Balenciaga, Khaite, Off-White and Oscar de la Renta.

Balenciaga x Fortnite – Gaming and Fashion’s Affair Continues To Flourish

Fortnite x Balenciaga marks the game’s first luxury partnership and arrives with both digital and physical elements. Within the game, this is realised through outfits within a virtual store that replicates physical Balenciaga retail spaces. Akin to the in-game concerts, this recreates a physical experience as an immersive digital experience for a new way to shop. 

Most of all, this makes arguably the most relevant high-fashion brand of the moment more accessible to a younger audience. Social media is already going wild for this collaboration, expressing shock and admiration of “the drip” on Fortnite’s reveal post. The physical clothes are already out of stock.

Tommy Hilfiger Passes The Mic To Creators

Tommy Hilfiger is partnering with influencers such as Yara Shahidi, Wizkid and DJ Cassidy to open the floor for honest, open conversations with their followers. As part of the ‘Pass the Mic’ campaign, influencers share their personal stories and ask followers to join, too.

The overall concept is simple: that everyone has the power to affect and change the world because voices speak volumes. To take part, followers simply voice note their stories to Tommy Hilfiger via Instagram DMs for the chance to be featured.

One of BDB’s Zalando talents Julia Dang is taking part. She shared her story of growing up as a Vietnamese immigrant in Sweden and the pressures that came with it. Julia then ‘passed the mic’ to her followers, calling them to send in their stories and give them the chance to be heard.

Fashion Trends

Fetish Wear But Make It Fashion

Fetishwear has slowly crept into fashion and onto red carpets. It is always a controversial style but there’s reasoning behind its resurgence. Historically, fetishwear has emerged into the daylight after economic downturns or major events, such as the First and Second World Wars. 

Professor Andrew Groves explains: “We’ve all been in a strange BDSM relationship with the government, which has controlled our bodies, forced us to wear masks and told us who we can kiss or touch. Adopting fetish clothing as fashion can be interpreted as a desire to switch the relationship, take back control and show them who is really in charge.” 

Gen Y ‘Treat Yourself’ Mentality

According to Canvas8, Generation Y is seeing a shift in their day-to-day lives, with many of them making big life decisions and lifestyle changes. This includes embracing a more circular economy through eating less meat, riding bicycles, thrifting and rejecting gendered children’s clothes for neutrals that can be handed down sustainably.

Workaholism has been replaced with preoccupations about burnout, wellness and self-care, with 76% of Gen-Yers starting to exercise at least once per week. Despite these lifestyle changes, Gen Y is by no means spending less. Fuelled by a post-pandemic ‘treat yourself’ mentality, they are most likely to treat themselves to luxury “pre-owned” pieces. 

Social Media News

Social Commerce’s Drive For Shoppable Convenience

Social commerce will continue to boom as social platforms add more features and tools to make shopping easier for consumers. You can set up a Facebook Shop that people can browse and buy without leaving the platform. Brands like ThreadBeast are already setting up social media storefronts.

Gen Z Creators Go DIY

Increasingly, creators on TikTok and Instagram are repurposing and reusing existing garments in their wardrobes. Instead of replacing old clothes with new items, influencers are tapping into innovative DIY fashion hacks to refresh their wardrobe. More people are finding new ways to implement a sustainable way of living and sharing this with their online communities.

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