10 Intriguing Instagram Stats and Why They Matter

Instagram is fast becoming one of the best regarded marketing tools for businesses. When we take a closer look at exactly what Instagram is being used for, and how effective it really is, the results are absolutely mind blowing.

Tapping into the potential of Instagram can be tricky, but there’s no denying that great results are there for the taking. Delve into the social platform and you’ll soon discover a cornucopia of different brands making full use of the extensive reach of one of the biggest digital platforms of our generation.

Just take a look at these stats and you’ll soon see what the social network might be able to do for your own marketing strategy. These are the Instagram stats that matter right now. Prepare to be inspired!

There are a billion active users on Instagram, every single month.[1]

Instagram is one of the world’s biggest social platforms, with an incredible number of active users logging in every month. Every month a billion active users take a peek at the latest content from influencers, friends and brands.

Every day over 500 million Instagram accounts are active.[2]

The fact that a billion Instagram accounts are active every month is impressive indeed, but it gets even more impressive when we consider how many accounts are active daily. Every single day, the platform welcomes 500 million users. That’s 7% of the world’s population!

The percentage of users aged 18-34: 64%[3]

When it comes to those hard to reach audiences, Instagram is unrivalled. The platform is uniquely effective in helping brands reach out to the 18-34 demographic. This group of millennials and generation Z consumers tend not to respond to traditional advertising methods. Brands therefore get far better results by reaching out to them via the platforms that they prefer to use.

One third of all Instagram posts contain no hashtags at all.[4]

Hashtags were once seen as essential to all Instagram posts, but they’re far less important now. In fact, a third of posts on Instagram don’t contain any hashtags at all. Top influencers no longer need to use hashtags to reach audiences, and are posting more visual content with simple captions.

The under 25s spend half an hour on Instagram every day.[5]

Ever heard of the scroll hole? It’s what happens when you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram for hours, flicking through different content, stories and updates from all kinds of different users. It seems that the under 25s are most perceptible to the scroll hole, as this is the age group that spends the largest percentage of its time on the platform. Users aged under 25 spend an average of half an hour on Instagram each day. That’s half an hour of valuable marketing time for brands wanting to reach this demographic.

Hashtags no longer increase engagement rates.[6]

With more and more users posting content that includes no hashtags at all, it might come as no surprise that hashtags don’t actually increase engagement rates anymore. Now, brands are finding that engagement levels are influenced by the user posting the content, the style of the content and the audience it’s targeting. Hashtags have been disregarded in favour of more carefully curated content, and the move seems to be working for brands on the platform.

Posts with the best engagement rates are videos.[7]

Visual content is going from strength to strength, and it doesn’t get much more visual than video! Instagram allows users to post video content on their stories and feeds. We always recommend that brands do both. Video content is the most effective form of content on Instagram in terms of engagement, and this won’t change any time soon.

Over 8 billion businesses are now using Instagram to reach audiences.[8]

As the impact of Instagram starts to resonate with businesses all over the globe, more companies are joining the platform. Currently, there are over 8 billion businesses using Instagram to reach consumers and target new markets. Businesses targeting younger audiences are finding the platform particularly effective.

60% of consumers find a product for the first time using Instagram.[9]

Instagram is one of the most popular ways of sharing new products and purchases, and that’s why so many people are finding out about new products on the network. It’s not just influencers and brands that are sharing products on Instagram, everyday users are doing it too. Whether it’s a new item of clothing, an innovative gadget or a brilliant new read, Instagram is the place to shout about it.

80% of Instagram users are following at least one business account.[10]

Instagram users tend to follow plenty of different business accounts, as well as influencers and people that they know. With 80% of users following at least one business account, it’s not surprising that businesses are finding content shared via the platform to be particularly beneficial in terms of engagement, brand awareness and product sales.

Whether you’re selling a new product, hoping to boost brand recognition, want to improve your company’s reputation or you’re looking for a new way to engage with audiences and reach consumers, Instagram has it all. To find out how to make the most of the incredible potential of the gram, make sure you give our team a call.

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