Once Upon a Farm

Inspiration & Challenge

BDB was tasked with establishing Once Upon A Farm’s brand recognition as the leading kids’ nutrition brand, driving awareness of rebranded baby portfolios and new certification. We needed to increase engagement and drive brand recognition, establishing OFARM as a top-of-mind choice for parents.

In doing so, we created content that was perfect for OFARM’s channels and a paid campaign, while exploring new tools including Live Selling Events.

Execution & Creativity

Billion Dollar Boy partnered with x17 family-focused influencers to capture core milestones of babyhood (and parenthood) with Once Upon a Farm. Through Main Feed photos, IG Reels, and TikTok videos, parents shared how the Baby Fruit & Veggie Blends and New Organic Meals help nourish their little ones, driving awareness of clean, healthy nutrition that’s fun for all.

From exploring a mailer box of goodies to sharing favourite parenting tips, the creators captured kids’ messy, happy, and healthy glory with the help of Once Upon a Farm.


Pieces of Content
Total Engagements
Actual Impressions




In order to achieve Once Upon a Farm’s goal to drive brand recognition and awareness, we amplified our organic campaign with a paid media strategy. 

We were able to reach a much more targeted audience made up of female parents and optimize towards those who were most likely to take further action.