YouTuber, creative consultant and trendsetter, Sangiev Sriskumar talks about what it takes to be a successful influencer on Instagram.  

If you could provide one tip for someone building their Instagram channel, what would it be?

Post whatever you like, whatever you feel like sharing, and always be honest with the content you publish. Be comfortable with what you’re presenting to the world and be consistent too – it’s crucial.

What is one photo editing technique for your content?

I actually spend more time taking pictures than editing.  I shoot almost exclusively on my iPhone and I like to have this raw, on the go look to my photos. I’m not a big fan of filters (probably due to the fact that I once used them too much and it wasn’t honest) so any editing that’s required will usually be done on IG’s editing tools, primarily the crop, adjusting the photograph to make sure it’s straight, tones, the contrast, etc.

How do you build and maintain trust with your followers?

I ensure that I remain truthful and honest. In my industry there’s a lot of bad press out there, influencers not being honest about what they post, not being transparent about their collaborations with brands, so I like to offer an authentic opinion and make sure my followers know what is an #ad and what is my own content. It is so important to maintain the trust and the connection I have with my followers.

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