📸 Photos by Laura Steffan

We are extremely excited to announce the recent opening of our second US office in New Orleans to accommodate growth and leverage the area’s unique creative talent.  We plan to expand our client base—which includes Grand Marnier, Pepsi, Armani and Kate Spade New York—to reach more brands in the Southeast and West Coast; the New Orleans office builds on the company footprint and supports our overall growth strategy.

As Permele Doyle, our Founder and President, explains it: “We call ourselves ‘the creative agency for the influencer age’, and there is no hub more creative than New Orleans. The city is known across the globe for its music, food, and entertainment, with an unparalleled cultural mix of French, Spanish, and Creole as the celebrated ‘Northernmost Caribbean City’. It is rich with young talent from nearby universities, while attracting talent from major cities like NY and LA who wish to relocate here. We intend to expand our footprint to brands in these new markets as well as hope to make New Orleans a unique backdrop for our brands to consider to differentiate their content as we tap into the local talent and content production opportunities. We cannot wait to host our New York and London clients in authentic New Orleans style!”

And we have already been given a truly warm NOLA welcome. “We are thrilled to welcome Billion Dollar Boy to New Orleans,” said Quentin Messer Jr., President and CEO of the New Orleans Business Alliance. “For three centuries New Orleans has been a hotbed of talent and creativity, sparking trends, seeding industries, and encouraging innovation. Billion Dollar Boy’s investment in New Orleans will continue this legacy, fostering greater connectivity to the global marketplace and ensuring that local talent has a seat at the table. We look forward to working with Permele and the full Billion Dollar Boy team as they expand their presence locally.”

Sazerac’s are on us in 2021!

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