We provide our clients with three distinct Influencer-related services, all underpinned by our proprietary technology.


Influencer Campaigns

From Influencer identification through to campaign publication & reporting, we manage all aspects of the process on behalf of our clients.  We do this across several types of campaign:

  • Paid – Influencers are paid to take part in a campaign
  • Gifting – Influencers are gifted products and asked to review them
  • Events – Influencers attend brand or product focused events with the aim of generating highly-engaging, organic content


Paid Media Boosting

We boost our Influencer marketing campaigns by creating highly-effective paid media assets featuring the best imagery from those campaigns. This service includes:

  • Strategy Creation
  • Content Selection
  • Demographic Identification
  • Delivery & Reporting


Content House

We connect brands with great content creators in order to produce a library of unique, product-centric imagery that can be used at the client’s discretion. We offer any combination of:

  • Talent Sourcing
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Production


Every service we offer is boosted by in-house technology to deliver the best possible results.

People first, tech enabled.


With our proprietary technology, we are able to quickly identify the right Influencers to meet the client’s needs and calculate a competitive price for their participation.

Customised dashboards enable the client to easily track the progress of their campaign from start to finish.  The client can also view and re-use the content created by their chosen Influencers as and when they please.


It can be hard to ensure an Influencer has posted the right number of Stories, at the right times and to the requisite quality standards. 

With our proprietary StoryTracker™ tool, we are able to review every Story an Influencer produces for a client’s campaign in order to be confident in their work.  

We take great pride in partnering with some of the world’s leading aspirational brands.

  • About The Influencers

    We work with a broad range of Influencers, who have varying numbers of followers and who post on any or all of the major social networks.

    We are free to find the Influencers who best meet our clients’ needs because:

    • We are not a platform – our talent search is not restricted by algorithms and databases

    • We are not a talent agency – we have no vested interests when selecting the talent