Ask us anything. (We’ve got answers)

Do you represent the influencers you work with?

No, while we vet and approve every influencer in our global network, we do not in fact represent any of them. We believe in finding the best influencers for each project.

Will you send my product to your influencers?

Of course. Not only that, we will prepare a beautiful package and provide clear and specific directions as to how we expect the product to be featured. We have a full-time package designer and seasoned editors on our team just for this purpose. Bonus: extra photo ops #thebigreveal

I want to build more brand awareness in China. Can you help?

BDB has launched successful campaigns on 6 continents in tk countries. Our reach is truly global. (Did we mention we speak 17 languages?)

Are you purely digital or do you produce IRL marketing events too?

Events are an important part of our 360 approach to influencer marketing. We produce tk events per year and would be happy to explore how we can best support your brand IRL.

I don’t need a big blockbuster campaign; I need a constant stream of social content. Help!

We hear you. Our editorial expertise allows us to strategize and create as much as a year’s worth of content at a time. Most brands come to think of us less as an agency and more as an extension of their creative and marketing teams.

Does BDB work in traditional media?

More and more. We specialize (and take special pride) in translating relatively inexpensive influencer-generated creative into highly dynamic TV, print and out-of-home campaigns. You heard it here first: This is the future of advertising.

Does BDB handle community management?

That’s the one thing we don’t do. While we can provide the great content, we are happy to make recommendations and hook you up with the best team possible.

What makes you better than all the other influencer agencies out there?

We really dig into the challenges, needs, desires and goals of our brands to create the best possible, most effective, most addictive content out there. We also make our clients laugh.